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I am 32 years old from Toronto. I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when I was 18 years ago. I love skiing, surfing, running and until February of this year I lived a very active life style when my symptoms worsened. I started feeling severe numbness in my left leg and my left arm. I had to completely change my lifestyle. I was no longer able to run or even walk for more than 10 min. In March, I even lost my job because I was no longer able to perform at it.

One thing that I my girlfriend noticed was that when I experienced numbness and tingling in my hands and feet, that [B]they were cold[/B]. She suggested that this is due to [B]poor blood circulation in the extremities[/B].

I started doing simple exercises to increase blood circulation. Just raising my arms and simple massage worked beautifully. Almost instantly, I started feeling better.

The second thing I started to do is to take health supplements that [B]promote blood circulation[/B]. I have started taking Gingeng and CoQ complex. Also, started taking Aspirin which is a blood thinner and helps with circulation (people with high blood pressure should be cautious about using it). Thing that I found make things worse were heat and any supplements that slow down blood circulation.

These things don't cure MS, but they are making me feel much better and I am able to be more active.

I want to find out what other people with MS have tried. What works and what doesn't. Please post

:wave: Welcome. As our MS progresses over time, symptoms may change and the severity of those problems will increase. For some MSers, they are virtually unaffected.

Numbness can be due to circulation or due to lesions impeding or blocking signals. If these are new symptoms, you should speak to your MS Specialist regarding the cause. You should also have your blood tested to see if the cause is due to a deficiency of Vitamin D or another vitamin or mineral which can in turn mimic MS. Sometimes a med or supplement can produce a placebo effect and long term use of some supplements or even aspirin are no longer recommended. Recent studies have made doctors re-think which patients should take daily aspirin and if they should even take daily aspirin.

Exercise alone can improve circulation and promote healing. During the summer months when my hands and feet are numb, a cold soak of the numb areas helps. During the winter when the temps drop below 52 F (11.11 C) for me, I will experience numbness again. Double layers of socks and insulated gloves help me and I also wear a sock cap as my head is also affected by the colder temps.

As long as your doctor is aware of your supplements and dosages as well as the aspirin, then I wish you good luck. If not, please take care and speak to your doctor at the earliest opportunity.

I have my own treatment/remedies for other problems I have with MS. I always share my info with my MS Specialist as she is willing to discuss these things openly. Some of my remedies she has shared with other MSers and for some of them, they too have finally gotten relief. Remedies for one will not always work for another, but when they do, it is good.


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