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Hi seratonindriven,
Youre in a predictament, arent you? I respect your choice to go to a naturalist and am glad to hear that you had a few good months with your supplements; however, if this is MS, supplements will only help so much and if it is MS, this is something you would have to learn to live with unfortunately. This doesnt make you crazy! Not technically, anyway.

MS is a progressive disease which affects the central nervous system. It can affect the eyes, brain and spine with results or symptoms from the disease showing up in any part of your body....unfortunately, there is no way to stop this from happening. The MS drugs which are out there are supposed to slow down progression, but they do NOT touch the symptoms. And, thats if you really have MS....its not uncommon for a MRI NOT to show anything the first time around and then have it repeated six months later only to show the lesions... the only way to find out if you have MS is to go through the testing again and repeat the MRI. See what has changed, if anything.

But what if you do this and find out you DO have MS? There are no hard fast rules on this. You can start taking MS drugs, in hopes of preventing new lesions from forming, but there is no guarantee. You can also stick with your naturalists suggestions and hope for the best. Either way, you really need to go back to YOUR doctor and get your blood levels tested and see if your levels are normal....thats a starting place. If they are, youre probabaly going to want to see a Neurologist to find out what else might be going on.

MS mimics over 400 other diseases and its a very tough disease to dx. What you do when you find out whats happening is up to you- but I would try very hard to separate the two conditions. BiPolar is hard enough to live with and control but you seem to be handling that! (congrats on that). The nerve pain that you describe is very difficult to control and even harder to deal with, but it can be done. This very well may not be MS but something else which is causing the really are going to need some imgaing tests to find out.

Hang tough, ok? Its not the end of the world, even if it is frustrating and painful. Mind over matter right now. Youve come a long way in the past six months. Try not to Un-Do it! Breathe through this and make up your mind that its not "crazy" and its very real....and try to find out what it is so you can have a plan.

Wishing the best for you..

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