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Hi there. Unfortunately, no. This isnt a test to rule out MS. It is a test often used to check for carpal tunnel. If it werent normal, it might have pointed you in that direction. A normal result means there is nothing else going on which they were able to discern, therefore, its highly possible that this is caused by an autoimmune disease- BUT that doesnt mean you have MS. It just means that nothing else showed up in your test.

You should relax. If you do have MS, its actually great news. I know you dont think so right now, but MS is simply an autoimmune disease which over 500,000 people have in the US. its not fatal and it doesnt change your life expectancy. Unlike a disease, its a disorder. No one can catch it. Its not hereditary.

On the flip side, MS mimics over 400 other diseases and disorders. You are not any closer to knowing what you have from an Evoked Potential. You simply know what you DONT have.

Please try to take a deep breath. When you get the results of your MRIs, youll have more information to go on. Those will show if there is any scarring (lesions) on the brain and spine, which in turn will give you a better idea if MS is a consideration or not.

Im sorry, I wish I could give you what you wanted to hear...

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