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New to ms
Oct 21, 2014
I found this board a few weeks ago and have learned so much since then. Thank you!
I began experiencing numbness from the waist down on July 14th. The numbness was very prevalent in my feet...toes/balls of my feet. Walking was VERY uncomfortable and still is. My feet, and especially my toes are also very stiff. My lower legs have more numbness than the upper legs. I also experienced some weakness/heaviness in my right arm. At times it was hard to write but only in about 3-5 second intervals a few times a day. My arm and writing are back to normal now.
I saw a neurologist at the end of July. He ordered a neck MRI, nerve conduction test on feet and legs, and lumbar puncture. The results showed 2 lesions on my spinal cord and my spinal fluid was not good (the dr didn't talk about o-bands that I've learned about on here). The nerve conduction tests were good. The dr said it looked like I had MS but wanted to rule out other possible diagnoses with blood tests and a brain MRI with/without contrast. On oct 6th I went back to hear my blood work looked good and my brain showed no lesions but "dots" which I assume could turn into lesions. He confirmed that I did have MS. I started tecfidera last Wednesday.
I have two main questions/concerns. First, my numbness in my upper legs and pelvic area had subsided about a month ago but this past week has slowly began to return. It is now just as bad as when the areas were first affected. Could this be stress related as to why these symptoms have reappeared? My feet are the worse and hasn't had any improvement since it first started.
Secondly, is there any relief for my feet? Walking is extremely uncomfortable and becomes painful after I've walked most of the day. I'm a 4th grade teacher so staying off my feet is not an option, even though I find myself sitting more during the day. I've read there's no help for the numbness so I'm not optimistic.
Thank you reading this long post. The shock of the diagnosis is slowly fading so I think I'm ready to start talking to other MSers. I'm a private person who doesn't like to burden people with my issues. I have a very good support system.
Any thoughts are appreciated.

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