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Re: Need Advice
Oct 27, 2015
Thank you MSNik. Sorry it has taken me a long time to reply and thank you. It has been a busy year. Normally an optometrist would only do prescriptions for glasses and contacts but in our country town our local optometrists is more than that, with many years (30 years) experience he does Optical Coherence Tomography and digital retinal photography, behavioural optometry plus much more.

I had my repeat MRI done on the 25th May, took ages to get the results. But it shows a new lesion in the corpus collosum. I go back to see the MS specialist November 24th. My dizziness continues to be an incredible burden that prevents me from driving very far, it still seems to be triggered by working /scrolling on the computer and driving, especially on highways. But it has been much worse over the last few weeks, preventing me from even driving locally. My left eye is still not right, intermittent pain and blurred vision.

I have seen my local Doctor who prescribed Serc for the dizziness but not really helping. I did try stemetil but I had severe side effects. He did say that the lesions could be causing the dizziness.

I guess I just have to see what the specialist says next month as still no diagnosis. I do not really mind having lesions and a numb leg, I can cope with that but I can not cope with being housebound. Trying to drive while being dizzy has caused me to have severe panic attacks and anxiety.

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