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Hi Shaleen66,

There are very few symptom management medications that have been specifically FDA approved for MS, most medications used to treat MS symptoms are used "off label."

Baclofen has been used for many years and was FDA approved specifically for MS to treat Spasticity, although Baclofen is used for other reasons than MS.

I have used Baclofen a few different times and have always had positive results.

Baclofen can cause sleepiness but usually overtime that side effect and other will decrease or go away completely. Baclofen is prescribed at a low dose and slowly increased. Baclofen also needs to be slowly decreased when or if you come off of it, never stop Baclofen "cold turkey."

Shaleen, you won't know if Baclofen will help with your spasms unless you try it.

I would really recommend you speak to a pharmacist about how to properly up the dose of Baclofen... they were very adamant with me about starting slow. It's NOT a drug that works quickly. If you read the monograph (you can find it online), you'll see that it takes usually a couple of weeks to start seeing benefits. Starting too quickly can mean you might suffer side effects that would make you need to stop the medication. It's important you start more slowly than taking 10mg in one pop right off the bat. Please talk to a pharmacist if your health care provider wasn't helpful with dosing instructions.

Please also keep in mind that you can't come off this stuff cold turkey. The withdrawal symptoms from doing that are comparable to coming off a narcotic... babies born to mom's taking Baclofen need to be weaned off it slowly after birth.

I've been on it for 5 days now and only am at 1/2 a pill in the a.m. and 1/2 before bed still. No side effects, no benefit... yet. Must not rush this one.

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