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I have spent a lot of time here over the months reading many post, and have gained so much information and insight on dealing with and what to expect during living in limbo-land, so I would just like to first say thanks to all that post here and the support offered! I'll also apologize because this is kinda long

I have been going through all of the testing to rule out/dx ms...MRI w/wo contrast of brain, cervical, thoracic, and lumbar (twice) EMG/NCS, and next lp. I actually ended up going to the neurologist for back pain, sciatica, and numbness in my R leg that hadn't gone away after 6 months and still hasn't, and pain in my right foot. After my exam he told me that he was going to send me for all of the MRI's but didn't mention that he suspected ms. Somehow with doing some reading, I realized that was what he was looking for and he confirmed that was what he was looking for at my follow up. Along with back pain, some of my other symptoms were twitching in my arm and fingers, tightness around my ribs, a zap in my neck, severe pain in my R eye that I had for about 5 months, numb big toes, and numbness in my face. Sometime in between the 1st and 2nd visit I had an experience where I couldn't find words, the pointer finger on my left hand was twitching so badly, I was having a hard time walking and couldn't hold a pencil. That lasted about a day. My MRI's came back fine, so he sent me for the EMG/NCS. That ruled out peripheral neuropathy, and was pretty much normal. The guy that did that test has such a hard time because he said nothing was adding up and he ended up testing every nerve and muscle in my body...OUCH! Everything tested normal but I definitely wasn't feeling normal. I don't think I even have the time to list all of the symptoms I've dealt with over the last year, but LOTS. Here is the most disturbing....

Two days later I was super dizzy, had a hard time thinking, and noticed that I couldn't lift my toes. As the day persisted, that turned into Ataxic gait. It came on so quickly and I thought I would walk that way forever. Kinda scary. Well it lasted 2 days. My eye twitched for 18 days, my lip started twitching, I lost feeling in my forehead, and also had this sharp, painful, electric type feeling that would start in my eyebrow and run down along the side of my nose. I let the neuro know, but didn't go in since it stopped. Really everything just stopped. Until, I developed drop foot in my right foot and has a lot of trouble walking and some memory problems, and some visual disturbances. So he decided he wanted to do a second round of MRI's, which came back ok. They called today to schedule the Lumbar Puncture. At this point, Im kinda sick of the trying to figure out what is wrong with me...but I'm sure it's because I'm not going through debilitating issues right now.

My main question is after such a long post (sorry), is that this time when I was reading the MRI report it read:

HISTORY: Gait Ataxia. Multiple Sclerosis

Is it strange to have something in my "history" that is not diagnosed that isn't a symptom?

I have been trying to find any info on what is actually put in the HISTORY, but haven't been able to find anything. ANY input would be so great! As lots of us know, it is so hard to have so many symptoms that point to something and be told "You're a complex case. You show so many symptoms but your mri is clear. BUT I can't find what else is causing your symptoms!" UGH!

Thanks again!!

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