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No apologies are needed. Thank you for your clarification.

MS Symptoms could present from an infection elsewhere. I do not have sore throat issues coinciding with my MS, but this does not mean that MS can be readily dismissed.

Bladder issues can swing either direction with MS. Under stress my bladder frequency increases. Once I assume control and eliminate or reduce the stress, this symptom will disappear.

Fibro and MS specialists are in different practices. I would journal those non-fibro symptoms and the fibro symptoms both. Ar rhe very least, some of the overlapping symptoms might provide some key information.

You are on the right path to eliminate MS as a possibility. Hopefully you have something treatable. I was in Lomita in 2002 when my MS worsened. I went to UCLA to see the MS Specialist. They are well equipped, but they are also fence sitters. That is, in 2002 they were. The litigious nature of the area affects their enthusiasm to deliver bad news. You need to be pro-active to push them if their feet are dragging.

Secondary illnesses or even your diagnosed fibro could very well affect you and even give cause to MS presenting. Fibro and MS are shared by other MSers. Personally, I rarely have any colds or infections. If I over do something, I do have MS Symptoms which will present. Much of this deals with your personal tolerance levels and your body's coping abilities.

I hope that you get some answers. We are here for you at whatever stage you are in this walk. :angel:

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