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Symptoms and scared
Dec 10, 2014
6 years ago I started having 3-5 second blindness in both eyes.
then 3 years ago I had complete paralysis in rt leg, no reflex in that leg. Walked with cane 4 days.
Since then and in between I have had
trouble swallowing ( the muscles in my throat don't respond at all for a few minutes)
Almost blindness or darkening of vision
cramps in my arms and legs
tingling in my fingers
twitching in my face and eye
I also can't stand the cold and stiffen up, yet over the summer my legs felt like they had lead weights when it was hot.
My feet have gone completely numb
I have also had a headache every day for 2 to 3 months now and migrains from 11 years old.
I have been getting headaches worse and worse all along.
I stumble on words
I have trouble doing double digit multiplication and some addition. I got a 790 on my GED in both math tests
I forgot my husband of 11 years, birthday
I have spelled my 6 year old sons name wrong 4 different ways.
I spell words completely wrong all the time, once I wrote "specialir" for "50%"
I also have a lot of weakness in my legs, seen by neurologist, had to brace myself on the table to resist her on my legs and I still couldn't resist.
I have forgotten what I was doing, or about to say, or where I was going.
I am sure I am forgetting something. Or a few thing

It comes and goes and it seems to get worse each time.
I just had an MRI.
But the results are not back yet.... Just had it last night.... She sent me straight to hospital after my appointment.

I was supposed to go to neurologist years ago because my PCP then thought I may have MS. I forgot to go and never rescheduled. Went yesterday.
What do you think?

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