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:wave: Welcome.

Alcohol and opiate meds really do nothing for most MSers and leave long term toxic effects that are worse for us.

Exercise triggers our brains to produce chemicals which are stronger than most opiates. These chemicals promote healing and euphoria. BUT there are MSers who still have pain nonetheless.

From my personal experiences, the pain in my hands and feet are usually triggered by high temperatures or when temperatures dip below 52 F (11.11 C). You may find that you have some triggers which cause the pain to present. If you journal your symptoms, you may find some of your triggers.

I also get head pains and for these I either drink a caffeine product that works for me (diet Dr. Pepper). Coffee, tea, Mountain Dew, etc. may work for you. I also eat Dark chocolate for another area of my head pain. Both of these has been effective for me.

As to your legs and hips. This is a battlefield for me. It is quite painful and when it strikes, sleep is not easy. The first time I experienced it, I tried cold compresses, stretching more, and moving more. Moving helped, but just slightly. After a few months I decided to try my trigger- heat. I applied a heating pad at the source of the most pain and within 5 minutes the pain "melted". I then moved the heating pad to my hip and thigh and chased the pain away. As my spots cooled, the pain returned. I would continue the heat pad until I could sleep. I still awoke in pain, but the heating pad shed the pain for me. Over the years I have found that if I am aware of the pain beginning, I can preemptively use the heating pad and the duration of the pain lessens. That is the duration of the period of time. I have gone as long as 9 months of pain. It is not easy, and I understand you.

One of the other problems with alcohol is that nutrients are removed from your muscles along with water. This can cause muscle pain along with nerve pain.

Heat will also sap your energy. I use the heating pad only at the pain sites. As we raise our core temperature, often we interrupt the neurotransmitters to our brain. If we interrupt the neurotransmitters between the brain and the site of pain, we effectively eliminate the message flowing. As our body cools, those messages start flowing to our brain again and why the pain appears to return.

I would encourage you to share with your MS doctor what you have been trying and what you are experiencing. They might have something that is available to you or might have a rehabilitation course too. I worked with my doctor and settled on what finally works for me. You might need to do the same, but your doctor should be available to help you. Due to our personal unique bodies, remedies do not always work just as meds do not always work.

Thank you for sharing with us. I truly do understand the pain and the lack of sleep. It is terrible, but you can still overcome it. :angel:

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