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Hello all,

This my first time on this board, so thank you for listening/reading my message.

I am concerned/scared that I might have MS. I am a 36 year mother of a 4 yr old who works full time. For the past year, I have had "on and off" dizzy spells and chest pains. I recently went to the ER and they DX me with vasovegal syncope ( blood pools at the bottom of my legs.) They advised to drink a lot of water and you will feel better. I was also dx with TMD.

A few weeks ago, I started with an incredibly strange symptom that when I touched by forehead, I would get a shooting pain down my neck ( on the same side). I called my GP and scheduled an appt. By the time the appt arrived, the pain had subsided, but I still had a neck ache, and fatigue/tingling in my right arm. The doctor ordered a brain MRI and blood work. The tingling will come and go throughout the day.

The brain MRI came back clean, and the blood work showed vitamin D deficiency so I was told to go on a daily supplement of 2000 units a day. Since then I have had tingling/crawling sensations throughout my body ( that seem to go away when I am busy) so the GP referred me to a neuro.

I went to the Neuro and he did a complete neuro exam and said "You don't have MS" based upon a clean brain MRI and clean neuro exam. I am concerned b/c he didn't even mentioned having a spinal MRI done b/c based upon my brain and neuro exam results. In addition, I have had a buzzing feeling in my fingertips for the past 3 days that is really concerning me.

I know I am probably being paranoid, but can anyone offer guidance/reassurance of what is going on?

Thank you in advance for any help you are able to provide.


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