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Hi Rem,

I am dealing with many of the feelings that you are. It took me a while to get comfortable using a cane in public but became necessary to prevent falls. It is something that just got better the more I did it.

Last weekend I fell and I hurt my left hip (bursitis). I was in a wheelchair for 5 days, and I had to be pushed around in public because I had some appointments to go to. I figured people would assume I slipped on some ice or something (it's icy here). That didn't bother me much because I knew it was temporary.

However something happened since that fall and I think in in the midst of a relapse because my legs have lost sensation even more than what they had and even though my hip is feeling better, my walking has really taken a hit. I have rented a walker and I am having a lot of trouble becoming ok about ever using it in public.

So here's what I did. I thought about WHY I am so worried about using it in front of others. It's because elderly people use walkers, not 30 year olds. But so? I love elderly people, I have nothing against them. Am I worried that I will look elderly? No... I look younger than I am, the walker won't change that. People will just notice and realize I have trouble walking. That's no different from a cane.

So I really don't have anything to worry about.

When people ask me what's wrong, I tell them the truth. I say I have MS and that's never the answer they were expecting. It's just what I feel most comfortable doing but you should do what you're comfortable with.

Above all, you MUST prevent falls. Trust me... After just having fell at home and now suffering the consequences, it's worth really having a conversation with yourself about getting ok using aides at home and in public. An injury is the last thing any of us MSers need.

Stay well!!

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