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Im sorry you are going through all this. Limboland is a terrible place!
It does sound like MS, and it definately sounds like you are working with a very good specialist; however, it wouldnt hurt to have another one take a look at your films and test results. Doctors can overlook things at times.
yes, the L spine should be tested and not knowing how long it has been since your last series of MRIs, you should be getting them every six months looking for changes. An MRI can change from week to week! (but most insurance companies will only pay 2x a year).

You mentioned getting treatment. Careful with that word. There is no treatment for MS. There are disease modifying drugs, which supposedly slow down the progression; however if you have progressive MS, they arent going to work for you, and even if you have relapsing/ remitting, there is no guarantee. Mostly MS is just symptom management. Many of us are not on any drugs at all, we learn to live with it and do our best to manage our sympoms. Like you, Im extremely heat intolerant. I cant hang in the summer- I have to stay in the a/c, or in a pool! But, I also work 60+ hours a week, teach college classes online and live my life. I just live in alittle more carefully than other people. I dont drink. I force myself to exercise 3x a week- in the a/c and low impact...and I make sure I stay hydrated all the time. I drink about 5 8 oz bottles of water during the day.

I used to have problems with urgency (or lack of it) but now that Im drinking so much, my only issue is finding a bathroom quick enough. Tough to do when you are on the road all day! (Im a sales manager). Try increasing your water intake, but stop drinking by 5 pm so you can sleep through the night.

There are many drugs for spasticity, have you tried any of them? I would talk to your doctor about that for sure.

Keep pushing. Youll get your answers eventually. Maybe the next MRI will be the one which shows what you need to get a dx. Hang tough!

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