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Re: MS Scare.....
Jan 31, 2015

:wave: Welcome.

You shared early that you had no health history, but then you noted sleep problems, anxiety and depression. To me, this is important medical history. How long has this been an issue for you?

Neurosurgeons like to be able to repair people. If they see nothing surgical, then I think you can "bank on" their sage advice. Rather than a general neurologist, if MS is considered, I would encourage you to seek an MS Specialist. A Neuro-psychiatrist can help evaluate anxiety/depression as a cause and help you develop a course of treatment if it is needed. A neuro-ophthalmologist or an ophthalmologist could evaluate your vision concerns and help determine if there is a neurological component regarding your vision.

Anxiety, if it is "strong" or long term, can manifest in such a way that it mimics MS. You might need to seek to gain control of this prior to further diagnostic evaluation.

An MRI would be ordered by an MS Specialist if your symptoms piqued their interest in that direction. Your medical tests to date can be reviewed in advance of an appointment.

As to where you are in your quest, MS symptoms do not come and go. Usually you look at those which last 24+ hours (persist or continue). Now, for some MSers, the pain or symptom may continue but reduce to a level where it is no longer perceptible. Tolerances can vary. After 38+ years, I still have facial numbness, but it is not always perceptible. While I would look at your anxiety and depression first, I would not dismiss MS either. :angel:

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