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Alcohol and MS
Apr 19, 2016
... which is what Multiple Sclerosis damages. At the time of my diagnosis my Neurologist discussed this with me. ... (5 replies)
Alcohol and MS
Jan 6, 2006
... Well I have had MS for 20 years. I never had my MS seem where it got worse with drinking. I take copaxone. I am also pregnant right now so I am not drinking. ... (8 replies)
... Yes you can drink with MS but, check with the doctor or Pharmacist about any interactions with medications. ... (15 replies)

... I think this is another case of everyone is different and everyone's MS is different! ... (15 replies)
... Are you worried about the amount of alcohol he drinks, and his "I may as well enjoy life" mentality? ... (15 replies)
Alcohol and MS
Jan 6, 2006
... actually i believe its the fat in the alcohol that is bad for MS people. like they say avoid saturated fats and such with MS because of the inflamatory effects and such.. so drinking doesn't help that, especially in long run. ... (8 replies)
... If others with MS can help her understand that anxiety can be her enemy, then maybe you can have some peace. ... (8 replies)
... I work. 50 plus hours a week. In a very demanding job. I also teach online college courses for a large university. I have three kids and a home to manage. I have MS and have many, many lesions on my brain. Ive managed to get a post graduate education since my diagnosis. ... (4 replies)
... Was just wondering if others out there with MS are able to hold down a job. He claims he can't because his eye sight is blurred and he gets dizzy. ... (4 replies)
... I was diagnosed with MS almost a year now, and have noticed a dramatic change in my reaction to alcohol. ... (15 replies)
... Is it ok to drink alcohol (every day, every other day) with MS? Do you have the "I may as well enjoy life" mentality? Does it interfere w/IVs? DH has had an IV every day this wk (4) (15 replies)
Travelling with MS
Aug 28, 2007
... I have done some traveling with MS. Last year was the first time I had to travel out of the country with Rebif syringes. I was scared to death. ... (7 replies)
MS and Alcohol
Feb 5, 2004
... Hi , my wife was diagnosed with MS in 1982 .She can not have any alcohol at all . It just seems to really be poison to her system . To be on the safe side I would recommend that anyone with MS not indulge in drinking alcohol. ... (8 replies)
... Hi, I hope that you can find a way to place alcohol at the bottom of your list. You might ask for a rehab counselor. Alcohol can perpetuate depression and can, as you pointed out, affect your liver. Alcoholism is probably a bigger factor in broken families than MS. ... (4 replies)
Alcohol and MS
Apr 18, 2016
... same question of my doctor. I have zero tolerance anymore for alcohol. Never a big drinker, now one beer has me acting like I drank 3! My doctor does think that alcohol tolerance is affected by MS as most of his patients tell him the same thing.. ... (5 replies)
... thats blood work as well. Lymes is allot like MS in many ways. ... (8 replies)
Help with RRMS
Sep 15, 2012
... Personally, I abstain from alcohol because I am already off balance as it is. If you are taking any medications including OTC meds, you should read the label to see if alcohol is ill advised. ... (2 replies)
... hey there. Your fears are understood. First thing you NEED TO HEAR is that you arent alone in this. Many of us, myself included have wrestled with hiding symptoms and the truth from others...I personally applaud you. ... (16 replies)
... HI. Welcome to the boards....sorry to hear that you are going thru what you are with your family, however you sound incredibly strong, and maybe we can offer you strength here and help you with your questions. ... (8 replies)
Alcohol and MS
Jan 6, 2006
... Ok so... I don't believe there is any research saying consuming alcohol is bad for MS. ... (8 replies)

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