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... am,, dead tired, and trying to explain that to people wears me out too. ... (8 replies)
... Yes, deficiency in vitamin B 12 can make you fatigued. I simple blood test will determine if you are deficeint. Where to start? ... (1 replies)
... Nikki, thanks again for taking the time to give me all this information. That is what I thought about the doc not prescribing and that is what my PCP told me yesterday. I would prefer not to take them since I am not sure. ... (23 replies)

... dxed for a little over 7 months. I do NOT have the "MS fatigue" people talk about on a regular basis. However, there was period a few years back that I was so tired all the time I could barely move and I now realize it's very possible it was an MS thing. So, it's possible it's a passing thing. ... (8 replies)
... remitting disease and the only time it can be properly diagnosed is during an attack. Then it is still not specific. ... (10 replies)
... Hello everyone. Posting on these boards is usually not me, but when I read and see the compassion that people have, I thought it was worth a shot. ... (7 replies)
... Thanks guys, yes, I will be honest and say that it did feel a little bit harsh! ... (12 replies)
... I was on avonex for a year. Decided to quit, because it just didn't seem right. After the shot, I would be sick for at least 2 days, tired the 3rd. ... (17 replies)
... then my wrist would burn, hot on the inside but not on the out. My arm becomes so weak that I can hardly move it. When this is going on, I am so fatigued. And my lymph nodes in my neck are swollen. Like I have the flu without the sinus stuff. Moving my neck is difficult. Figuring it was arthritis, I went to a rheumy. ... (1 replies)
... her that MRI was clear. It flabbergasted me that she would not want a comparison. I know there are many other things that need to be ruled out, I guess I'm just tired of not having answers and scared that it will take forever! I watched my uncle with ms and it was not pleasant for him to get his dx, it took like 10 yrs! ... (9 replies)
... I suffered from the 'creepy crawly' feeling that you describe and spasms which I put down to MS. When I mentioned it to my neuro he thought it was restless leg. ... (13 replies)
... mal was ESR rate was 25. Which I believe just means high inflammation. I had waist down numbness on my left side for about a month. Otherwise my feet will tingle and fall asleep a lot or my hands. I have a lot of head tingling. ... (15 replies)
Any thoughts?
Apr 1, 2008
... Hi, TE. Muscle twitching is a very general symptom and could be caused by many things. ... (6 replies)
Possible MS???
Dec 24, 2010
... Hi, guys I have had some of the same symptons, the dizziness,numbness,tingling, leg throbbing etc. It all started for me this past April, it seems like my life just changed, im 38yrs old and sometimes i feel like im 60yrs old, so tired of going back and forward to the doctor, but I wanted to ask if any of u guys have had any blood work done to check your b-12,vitamin... (13 replies)
... Remember this MRI was ordered by my wonderful and over worked GP. ... (11 replies)
... Hello to all! My name is Dusty and I am a 39 year old mother of 6 beautiful children. Here is my story... ... (5 replies)
Scared- Is it MS?
Mar 27, 2011
... would also get these odd sounds, like the sound of a tv turning on, only really loud in one ear, followed by not hearing anything in that ear for a few minutes, and for no reason. I'm now 29 and over the last few years it's gotten much worse. ... (2 replies)
... You have numbness or pins and needles feeling..... ... (23 replies)
Blood test results
Sep 23, 2008
... As you can see hun, my LH levels are up and at the time of the blood test, i wasnt ovulating. It was only day 9, so as well as a neuro, i also need to see an endo as well now. ... (11 replies)
... Hi, I got my MRI back and it was abnormal. Neuro want's to look at it more closely for MS. I wish he would call and let me know. ... (13 replies)

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