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Oct 12, 2009
... Hi all! I got a question regarding the Babinski thing. So, my deal is, I went in to the neurologist about two years ago for ascending numbness in both sides, feet and hands, mouth and nose. ... (3 replies)
... The Babinski test is a standard Neurological tool used to measure reactions... ... (4 replies)
... stions about any concerns you might have regarding your lesions and their significance. For your first appointment, you will more or less experience a physical exam for the MS Specialist to determine what, if any, additional tests might be required. ... (13 replies)

... Later, he told me that based upon my initial exam and actually just watching me walk into the room, he was sure it was MS. ... (20 replies)
... Your Babinski reflex is one of the tests my neuro regularly checks my progress. I do not think your neuro is being a pessimist, rather I think he is being objective. ... (16 replies)
Possible MS
May 3, 2016
... nt ahead and ordered an MRI of the brain and lumbar spine and referred me to a Neurologist. I went to the Neurologist yesterday and he completed an neurological exam and found I have a positive Babinski sign in one of my feet? ... (20 replies)
... The initial physical exam will allow the neurologist to observe your gait, your eyes, your reflexes, strength, coordination. These were all part of my first exam and my neuro continues to perform all of these every 6 months. The neurologist rates you on a scale. ... (8 replies)
MS Without Lesions
Jan 23, 2015
... under the sun. Bloodwork, heart doctors, gastro doctors, endocrine doctors the whole nine yards. I feel that everything has been ruled out. In addition, my neuro exam shows me and my MS specialist that something is definitely wrong. She said I am positive something is going on I just have to find it. ... (5 replies)
... gait tests...walk from here to there and back. He is looking to see if you lean to any one direction. Reflex testing, the "hammer" for the Babinski test, as welll as the pinging of the hammer to see how long you feel the vibrations for. ... (8 replies)
... The exam found nothing out of the ordinary outside of... "brisk reflexes on the left side. ... (2 replies)
... ause he couldn't get a reflex action from my right leg. My neurologist is a bit of a pessimist though, he scared me in my first consultation by stating after the exam that he thinks it's a serious neurological problem, so I'm hoping he's just jumping the barrel to be honest. ... (16 replies)
In Limbo???
Aug 4, 2008
... babinski and I was "iffy" on some of the gait tests. My previous diagnosis was based on my neuro exam and lesions that are in areas of the brain that are indicative of MS. ... (18 replies)
... er strange things. Well, all MRIs came back clear. And the neurologist even stated that my cervical and thoracic MRIs were "completely, utterly, normal". Yet, my exam was completely abnormal. ... (6 replies)
... Hello all. I'm new here. I am left with some confusion after many months of seeing a neurologist to try to find the cause of my symptoms. Prior to the lumbar puncture, he had stated probable MS. Lumbar puncture was clear, no o-bands. So he became dismissive and said that it was likely hemiplegic migraine aura sensory symptoms. His advice was eat healthy and get more exercise... (6 replies)
MS Without Lesions
Jan 22, 2015
... O contrast. In addition had a clean LP. My MS specialist highly suspects MS after review of my symptoms I have had and my neuro exam with her. ... (5 replies)
... o contrast along with a LP. Those have been clean. She sent me because of symptoms and her neuro exam which showed positive Babinski signs in feet, abnormal reflexes with legs after hitting knees with hammer and positive spasticity which she said was clear clonus. ... (16 replies)
... Gave her my symptoms and she said that it sounds like MS. She did a short neurological exam, and I passed them all. She did the Babinski test and my right foot showed a "somewhat questionable" result. The left foot didn't show anything... the toes didn't curl either way. ... (18 replies)
Awaiting diagnosis
Apr 26, 2013
... Bella, The first appointment for me was "hands on" with hand-eye coordination, pinprick, foot scrape (Babinski reflex check), and observing my gait as well as balance and muscle strength/weakness checks. Blood was also drawn as I had not had it done yet. Afterwards, my neuro went over my remaining history which was not completely discussed during the check. Based upon... (13 replies)
Apr 15, 2013
... nd physical followed by a thorough neuro exam, including balance and strength tests, walking and gait tests and finally reaction tests, including things like the Babinski test and reflex testing.. ... (14 replies)
Apr 15, 2013
... Rorie, I would encourage you to see the doctor in a straightforward manner. Be prepared to talk about the problems you are having. If you have a symptom journal, make a copy to share. My first appointment was an initial physical/neurological exam This was in 1982 and involved some pin poking test to evaluate nerve damage, gait, hand eye coordination, and a foot scrape... (14 replies)

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