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... When I have a spinal lesion attack, I will get that shock sensation radiating up from the back of my ankles up to my calves, every time I take a step. It has no correlation to moving my head . . . it just happens with movement of my legs . . . ... (8 replies)
... Then in Sept.2006 I started feeling really weak,so I went thru a whole bunch of drs. ... (29 replies)
... Been complaining to my neuro for six months now about terrible pain and shooting electric shock feeling in my right hip. ... (4 replies)

... o contrast. Came back with 2sm foci unspecified findings. After awhile the symptoms went away and I though nothing of it. In 2010 I was dx with high bp. I was put on norvasc. ... (7 replies)
Strange pain
Apr 8, 2006
... My computer at work froze up so I had to unplug it. I reached down to pull the plug from the back of the PC, and when I stretched my arm to plug it back in I felt an electric shock in my hand. I dropped the plug and called for maintenance on the PC. ... (5 replies)
... pins and needles feeling in hands, feet, face... ... (42 replies)
... edles, and numbness in my feet. This has not ceased yet, about 5 weeks ago it traveled up to my waist, and has not subsided since. I was having severe aching and pain in my left hip. ... (13 replies)
What's this??
Jul 16, 2013
... As I was standing in my closet this morning, an electric shock feeling ran down my left leg. Immediately afterwards, I had pain from the knee down. ... (2 replies)
... Doesn't that sound pathetic!. I have to be careful when i wake in the morning because if I stretch like any normal person would the pain in my legs and arms is terrible. I have to stretch gently and almost do a warm up before getting out of bed. ... (6 replies)
... l things he finds when he examines me at the appointment is I cannot walk heel to toe, I just fall over!...Yet last month was a killer. I started getting chronic back pain in my lower back. Every time I put my head down to look down it would send an enormous electric shock feeling through my torso. ... (3 replies)
... er on the road while driving. I keep going to various specialists for treatment of one ailment or another and never get any real answers. Everything always comes back to a list of combined symptoms that point to MS. I've been searching for years, but now it's really getting out of control. ... (5 replies)
... ee buckles. when i go to gym and when i do little running, when i leave there and walk i feel my feet are on water and have no sense. when i start moving, i have electric feeling and numbness in my body. my eye sometimes gets numb. my head gets heavy and stiff. these problems vary. ... (20 replies)
... severe pain due to constipation. ... (4 replies)
Is this MS?
Dec 16, 2010
... pochondriac. I've been to see him before about fatigue and nerve pain, on numerous occasions. He's sent me for blood tests a fair few times, and they always come back negative, and because of this he seems to think I'm a worrier and stressed. ... (13 replies)
... I've been having bouts of fatigue for about 6 years. When it all started I was just feeling tired all the time and had a lot of headaches. My mum, who used to be a nurse, said that I was probably slightly anaemic so I went on iron tablets. ... (4 replies)
... walked to the loo and back to bed again. As long as I lay on my back I was fine but if I lay on either side the room spun. The next day I was just slightly lightheaded but otherwise fine. ... (2 replies)
... vertebra in late 1994. My back started getting better and my activities increased and pain levels subsided until about 9 months post op. ... (3 replies)
... After hot baths when I got out of the tub my feet get pins and needles burning feeling and my hands followed with the tingly almost itchy feeling not long after. ... (1 replies)
MS Diagnosis
Nov 23, 2002
... owever, the intensity changes. Aching eyeballs. Light incontinence and bladder does not empty fully. Have lost the sensation to void. All I have is an aching back when I need to void. Burning pain in lower back and spine. Electric shock like sensation that goes down my right leg into second toe of right foot. ... (1 replies)
... lems about 4 months ago. After an MRI of the lumbar spine I was diagnosed with two herniated discs. I just had an MRI done of the cervical and am waiting to hear back on that still. None of my back pain is caused from any injury, and could only have been caused from bad posture. ... (13 replies)

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