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Back pain with MS
Aug 18, 2010
... I also get intermittent intense lower back pain. I can not find a pattern as to why it comes, but when it does, WHAM it can stop me in my tracks. ... (3 replies)
Back pain and MS
May 19, 2011
... however many of us have disc issues and issues from "favoring" our good side, which can cause back pain. ... (3 replies)
Back pain and MS
May 19, 2011
... Quick question. I'm newly diagnosed with MS. I think I'm finally coming off the initial exacerbation, but I'm having a lot of pain in my shoulders and lower back. How do you know if the pain is from MS or just regular aches and pains? ... (3 replies)

Back pain with MS
Aug 18, 2010
... That back pain remains the only MS symptom I have had until they give steroids. The steroids make the swelling go down then I can feel the weakness and numbing from my waist down. My doctor has prescribed fentanyl patches. It takes the edge off. I fear the pain has to be managed by me. I use ice and heat. I use sitting. ... (3 replies)
Back pain with MS?
Aug 16, 2007
... but it takes the edge off it, so I can function. I've learned to take one right before bedtime, so when I get up I can move..otherwise I have a lot of pain from laying still all night long. ... (10 replies)
... Yes, from time to time, I also get lower back pain. It comes and goes. It can be very painful at times. I take a pain pill when I can no longer tolerate it. Take care. ... (10 replies)
Back pain with MS?
Aug 15, 2007
... My whole back hurts,, from the shoulders clear down my spine, and the sacrum is the worst! ... (10 replies)
... If you injured your back, your pain may have nothing to do with your scoliosis. ... (22 replies)
Low back pain
Oct 26, 2006
... Hey, haven't been online in awhile! It's been a crazy past few weeks. I have the same problem, lower back pain, with severe pain that radiates into my right leg which makes me want to cut the darn thing off on a daily basis! I've begged the doctors to cut it off!!! ... (15 replies)
... It is important for your doctor to rule out other causes for your back pain. If that has been done then the assumption would be the back pain is from MS. Treatment would depend on what is causing the back pain. ... (5 replies)
Back pain
May 2, 2008
... Lower back pain can be a symptom of MS, but when in doubt have it checked. ... (4 replies)
Back pain
May 2, 2008
... Hi there, I have been having problems with my back lately when walking, i also have problems with my right leg when walking. my back seems to play up mostly when I walk, therefore I asked the ms nurse about it and if they could be connected. ... (4 replies)
... I don't have MS but my Aunt does and she suffers from very debilitating back pain...lower back pain. ... (9 replies)
Back pain!
Jun 25, 2007
... I am having lots of back pain right now! The pain is all over and I have knots everywhere. I am wondering if this is ms associated or other. I also have mild scoliosis and some disc degeneration. ... (2 replies)
... If it's in the lower back, I do not think that MS is the first thing someone would suspect for the reason that the spinal cord is not in the lumbar area of the spine. ... (7 replies)
... I experienced many back problems in 2002 when my MS worsened considerably. My back pain was MS related, but not the MS Hug. ... (5 replies)
... I get alot of upper shoulder pain when I have very long used to drive me nuts all the time, now its just sometimes. I think, honestly, that this has alot to do with my MS.... ... (10 replies)
... Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone suffers from sever back pain. ... (3 replies)
... If your doctor concludes that your muscle spasms are from MS, ask him about Baclofen. ... (2 replies)
... I've taken your advice msjayhawk from my past post . I've started vigorous stretching, trigger point therapy and supplements in specific magnesium and b12, plus a multi vitamin. ... (15 replies)

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