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Baclofin pump
Aug 20, 2008
... I'm look for anyone who has been on the baclofin pump and had problems with it leaking. I was told they do this so not sure if i want one. Also heard they will not remove them. Please help! ... (4 replies)
... then my legs feel like they are bruised, but they're not. I'm only on 2mg of Zanoflex 2x a day plus I'm down to 5mg baclofin 2x a day now. Maybe he needs to increase the zanoflex. ... (2 replies)
Apr 29, 2002
... I did have a EEG and a MRI of my brain with contrast. EEg was normal, MRI wasn't but they won't tell me specifics. Doc's haven't told me nothin, just take your Baclofin and see you in 2 months. Great. ... (5 replies)

Apr 9, 2002
... I've been on Baclofin for shortly over a month now. I have not noticed it helping me. ... (5 replies)
... I'm so confused. Plus, the baclofin had caused me to gain 34lbs. in 3 mts. ... (4 replies)
... night and I"m very tired from today's activities. But the spasms haven't returned yet. My wife told the doctor today that I hit her in my sleep. So i guess it's baclofin and bed now. ... (2 replies)
... memory is realy being affected. I have been dragging my foot alot lately and nothing gets rid of the pain that I suffer with in my back. Right now I am taking baclofin 10mg and it isn't even touching the pain. I was hoping that if I start on the Tysabri, it will help with some of this pain. ... (10 replies)
Baclofin pump
Aug 20, 2008
... Bubbles, is this something you recommend for severe spasticity, or would you stick to "external" options? (4 replies)
Baclofin pump
Aug 20, 2008
... Hi, bubbles, and welcome! Good to have you here in general and I'm sure that your experience with the pump will be very helpful. We get questions about it but there aren't a lot of folks on here who have one. (4 replies)
Baclofin pump
Aug 20, 2008
... Kim, I'm new to these boards but I have a baclofen pump. Original surgey to implant was 02/07. Ended up having two subsequent surgeries to replace a malfunctioning catheter!! Three surgeries in only one year. Presently things are working well but I'm still trying to find my proper dosage. Please feel free to question me about things. Gail (4 replies)
Baclofin pump
Aug 20, 2008
... Hi, kim. I know there's at least one person here who has the Baclofen pump so I hope they'll see this and respond. In the meantime I wanted to let you know that Movement for Living is a good informational resource about the pump. They have different programs and teleconferences. Granted, it is sponsored by the manufacturers of the pump but I think it might still be worth... (4 replies)
... weeks but mine was because of baclofin and zanaflex I'm not sure if this helps or not but I hope so. ... (2 replies)
... could you have lessions & them not show up? I have a neurogenic bladder & self-cath 4x's a day. The radiologist report from last mri showed several disc protrusions but didn't mention a lession other than possible. What does that mean. I have electrical shock when I bend my head over like to get something out of the floor & things like that. I feel my ms specialist won't... (4 replies)
... Agravy, When I started zanaflex I had oral thrush also.Call your DR so it can be treated. I now yake zanaflex ,baclofen and valuim to control the cramps and spasms.You should contact your neuro. (2 replies)
... I've been weining off bac. & taking zanoflex & am having trouble. Leg cramps & spasms so bad that couldn't walk yest. & barely can today. Plus I have thrush in my mouth & lips cracked & don't know what is causing it. Has anyone else experienced this & if so what can I do about it. The pain is almost unbarable. Don't know whether to call neuro. ornot. Going to day for... (2 replies)
... Got appt. today & am still no further than I was 1 yr ago to him telling me what the problem is. Just keeps giving me more pills(neurontin, Klonipin, baclofin, etc.) Should I request that he do another series of MRI's or what? Please give me advice. I see dr. Laganke @ 3:30. (4 replies)
... I know someone from Atlanta who has had ms for 11yrs. She says that now you can get a diagnosis based on attacks and sx's only. She says nuero's are trying to get a jump on the disease to prevent furter damage. I have 1 lesion on c-spin, borderline evoked potentials, slightly elevated mylen basic protein, 2 attacks of paralysis, neurogenic bladder now sausing me to... (4 replies)
... Hi Kim It's Vicki, Steve's other half, I don't know what Steve has told you about my battles with MS. I have had MS for 10 years 2 weeks before my 40th BD the Dr. said YOU HAVE MS. Steve and I looked at each other and went hu. Then asked questions he left the room I cryed he cryed I then told him it sounds like things could get pretty ugly do you want a divorce? We had been... (14 replies)
How long for dx?
Oct 20, 2006
... I heard that if the dr doesn't do the MRI @ the right time that a lesion may go away & not show up. Also, that it may take a number of attacks before they become perminate or are able to be picked up on a mri. I have had mri's of brain & entire spine with & w/out contrast & only one lesion on c-spine that is small the neuro said. they have ruled out every other possible... (4 replies)
Today's the Day!
Aug 24, 2006
... g else. He was prescribing my blood pressure medication but told me at the appointment this week my primary really needed to be doing this. He did prescribe the baclofin but guess my primary could be doing that too. ... (35 replies)

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