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... oint and lower back pain,,, and it hurts so bad, that when i have a headache i rarely notice it. i am going thru a relapse right now,,, and my pain, numbness and tingling feelings are becoming unbearable! ... (4 replies)
... I went to see a neurologist for the first time a week ago Monday due to tension headaches that were ongoing for 3 months. ... (9 replies)
... I also suffer from headaches that come without any notice ,mine feel like my heads on fire the only relief i get is by putting a ice pack on my head for some reason i feel like it helps me. ... (20 replies)

... of vision, weakness, stiffness and pain in my lower legs, loss of vision, bladder spasms with incontinence and loss of balance. In fact my balance has gotten so bad that I fell and broke a rib on my left side saturday and am now having trouble breathing because of the pain. ... (18 replies)
... diagnosis of MS. I asked him if the fact that I work from home, don't get much exercise and have a somewhat bad diet could cause these symptoms and he said it wouldn't help. ... (11 replies)
... Hello everyone, Back in March of this year I ended up heading to the emergency room for this strange numbness feeling that began in my hands and feet and then travelled throughout the rest of my body; it lasted about five or six days and then went away completely. I was in the hospital for four days and while I was there I had a CT, lumbar puncture, and an MRI of my brain,... (4 replies)
Opinions Please?
Jun 19, 2007
... December is a long way away and the stress of not knowing or not progressing toward an answer can't be easy. I have had migraines for 10 years....suddenly no bad migraine headaches anymore but I have roving numbness, burning, tingling you name it along with ringing in my ears, sensitivity to light and dizziness. ... (4 replies)
... and it's not cheap! Hers are so bad that the only thing that she's found so far that works is Vicodin. ... (20 replies)
... tingling presented fairly shortly after a minor car accident, but the headaches and neck pain have been ongoing for sometime, albeit much worsened and more pronounced after the accident. ... (15 replies)
... Started having pains in and around the eyes, thought it was sinuses so went to doctor. He says possible migraine gives me imitrex. Later that day it got so bad my whole head was pounding and face went numb. Made it to the ER they did CT scan and found nothing, gave me pain meds and sent me on home. ... (4 replies)
... Alright, I've been meaning to write a question here since a while - and here goes. I'm a 20 year old male who since 4-5 years has been dealing with something which, at least I, am sure is Multiple Sclerosis. I have been to several neurologists and all dismissed me, pointing out the reason for my issue to be my very sedentary lifestyle (I am a computer programmer and generally... (25 replies)
... Worse at night, my left leg tightens up like a very bad charlie horse, bad enough that it wakes me up from sleep. ... (8 replies)
... n for 13 years, and eaten very, very little dairy products for the past 3 years, without a large dose of vitamin B12 supplement. But she said if it was that, the tingling would be constant. ... (17 replies)
... ts but I havent had many headaches. What you are describing is what my nurse told me to be aware of, it sounds like you puncture is leaking and this will include bad headaches and tingling or electrical jolts down one side or another. ... (7 replies)
... HI. I feel for you, its terrible that you have been treated this way and even worse when you feel as bad as you describe. ... (6 replies)
... Since I had a little too much to drink that night I didn't really feel the pain. The next morning my neck was in very bad pain. Few days later I was on my way to feeling better. ... (0 replies)
... I have had mild tingling all over my body. I just ignored it and sort of became used to it. Two months ago I ended up getting Bell's Palsy. ... (1 replies)
... I'm having a whole host of neuropathic problems in my legs, right arm, and face. Been like this over 2 years now. Well, I didn't notice as much numbness or tingling when I was Topamax for migraines. But since getting off the med in February I've noticed my episodes of numbness and tingling have increased. ... (18 replies)
... July 2011 I had severe headaches and blurring in right eye...was told probably migraine...a few days later vision got very bad again...went to doctor straight away...was sent to hospital...did ct and lumbar puncture...both were clear. ... (3 replies)
... feeling usually happens at rest too, but now in right arm the third and fourth finger have a crampy stiff sort feel to them, tightness and it is still there when tingling has subsided as well. ... (4 replies)

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