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... I read on here that someone has the tight band. Yes, it is one of my worst MS symptoms and I cannot find others that have it, either. I swear I really need to get rid of it. No medication has and once in awhile i have a break. I am asking if anyone knows what medication actually works. Thanks, Soleil (2 replies)
... I nver knew that! about the ms hug being felt in other places besides the upper chest area. I had something happen to me twice, once last year just 2 days after christmas and the other time it happened was the next summer during one of the hottest days. What I experience though was this strange feeling around my abdomen and back, felt like I had been laughing... (5 replies)
... It started a few days ago as a band around my abdomen that burned like crazy. I looked expecting it to be red and welted but nothing! Now it is not only around my ribs but the inside and top of my thighs. It feels like I am on fire or have burned the heck out of myself! ... (7 replies)

... If you are experiencing bowel movement problems, this may mean other concerns. Do you consume sufficient amounts of water? I hope that you can be seen by another doctor(s) while awaiting the neurologist. A bowel obstruction or other problems might arise. If you develop a fever, please go to the ER immediately. In the meanwhile, bed rest and a cool place are warranted in... (13 replies)
... Hi Nikki and MSJayhawk, thanks for sharing the experience of how to cope with the constant pain on a daily basis. Yes, I also live one day at a time as Nikki has said just take something to help sleep, sleep wins out and tomorrow is a new day. I have similar thought too to go to the Emergency Department but the ER doctor is not likely to admit me as my current conditions... (13 replies)
... I feel like there is a rubber band around my waist. ... (13 replies)
Possible MS
May 5, 2016
... As for the band like sensation, mine hasn't caused any pain. I can just feel it around my abdomen in the same location as you described. The first two times it only went around the front, but the last time went all the way around. ... (20 replies)
Possible MS
May 5, 2016
... I have had this on about 3 occasions in the last month. It feels like there is a belt around my abdomen just below my chest. ... (20 replies)
MS Limbo
Aug 17, 2010
... Thank you for your post. I have 9% of your symptoms. I've had a nerve conduction study/EMG, back MRI and only minimum neuropathy and arthritis. The numbness, tingling,loss of touch,coldness and vertigo is very troubling. I've been on this quest and everything is negative. I am due to see a neurologist tomorrow. (22 replies)
MS Limbo
Aug 12, 2010
... Hi, im 34 years old and ive been unwell now for 5 months, it all started back in march when I started to notice that I had very stiff leg muscles in the mornings and a stiff aching back across shoulder blades in the late afternoons and evenings, then I started itching everywhere and came up with hives all over my face which itched like crazy, I went to my GP who didn't feel... (22 replies)
... I also have nystagmus in addition to the rubber band squeezing around my abdomen. ... (0 replies)
... I have eye floaters. I get a pinching feeling around my right side abdomen off and on in places. ... (6 replies)
... Before I talk to my neuro, I want to survey other Avonex users. :wave: Whether coincidence or not, I do not know. But for the second week in a row, 36 to 48 hours after injecting, I have had some extreme symptoms. The symptoms appear when I am at rest, in bed for the night. They begin as cramps in the soles of my feet, joints in the toes and feet burning and aching,... (3 replies)

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