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... LOL, I entertained myself with my L'Hermittes much in the same way once I got over the "ACK WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME???" panic. ;) I'd forgotten that I did the same bending the head trying to keep with the beat of the music as well haha. Too funny! (10 replies)
... neck forward. My neuro says it's L'Hermitte's Sign, which is apparently really common in MS. When it really gets going, the buzzing shoots up into my feet and up to my knee. ... (10 replies)
... CIS two years ago and showed 4 lesions on my MRI. My symptoms eventually dissipated. Now, it's two years later and they've started again with tingling, numbness, buzzing in fingertips, burning sensations, etc. I went to the neuro, I had sensory changes and a positive L'hermittes sign. ... (1 replies)

... L'hermittes can be repeated each time you bend your head forward but the abnormal sensations will only last seconds. There is no symptom management medication for this. ... (13 replies)
Im vibrating!
Sep 30, 2009
... L'Hermittes is the ability to make these sensations happen "on command" even when they where not present before bending your neck down. ... (20 replies)
Im vibrating!
Sep 28, 2009
... Hello, 416. Vibrations/buzzing are perfectly normal abnormal sensations when having MS. Vibrations/buzzing are known as a sensory symptom. If you can bend your neck down and can induce the buzzing/vibrations this is called L'Hermittes. L'Hermittes is not exclusive to MS but when you have MS L'Hermittes is caused by a lesion(s) in the cervical spine. Will your... (20 replies)
Nov 29, 2005
... Now, a weird buzzing feeling and that hip and knee pain still kinda sound like there could be a neurological problem. Buzzing, because our nerves conduct electricity. ... (8 replies)
... ns, tingling, electrical shock. This can be felt spine down and some feel it waist down. The sensations will last only seconds but can be repeated each time you bend your head. ... (9 replies)
... Hello K2626, I have experienced the same as you. When I bend down my neck I get that buzzing sensations in the hands, above the knee in the legs its changing. ... (25 replies)
Im vibrating!
Sep 28, 2009
... Hi there. Sorry to hear your story. Buzzing can be a new lesion, or attack, or it can be residual from the last ones...your MRI will be very telling. ... (20 replies)
Jan 25, 2012
... I have been seeing a regular doctor. she wants to do a full mri next. the last mri i had was strictly of my neck 8 yrs ago. how they did only my neck i dont know. i had to change my diet to mainly raw, because anything cooked, prepackaged and bread shuts my digestion down. ... (8 replies)
... The buzzing feeling you are getting when you bend your head forward could be known as the MS hug. Its a quick stabbing shocking pain which goes right down your neck and back..... ... (14 replies)
... Hi all, I need all the advice I can get. Since about three months I have been having these symptoms: * tingling in left hand, both hands, right foot, or burning sensations when I bend the neck (l'hermitte ?) * tingling and buzzing sensations all over the body (underfoot, in fingers, chest, etc) * tightness around the angles that comes and goes * sharp pains in... (34 replies)
Nov 26, 2005
... I am not dx with MS, but when I bend my neck down I get a buzzing sensation in neck and right arm, but when I crack my neck it doesn't happen again for awhile. Does this sound like Lhemittes to any of you? ... (8 replies)
Im vibrating!
Sep 30, 2009
... L'Hermittes is the ability to make these sensations happen "on command" even when they where not present before bending your neck down. ... (20 replies)
Please help!
Nov 2, 2006
... ion doesn't really come on for at least a few hours and is always worse when i stare at the computer or anything for that matter. i've found that somtimes, if i bend my neck on a really extreme angle i can also stop the tingling. ... (1 replies)
MS Scare.....
Feb 1, 2015
... Hello x1rainking, I would like to explain Lhermittes sign. Lhermittes happens when you bend your head down (chin to chest) and have sensations (tingling, vibrations/buzzing, electrical shock) from your spine down. These sensations will last only seconds but can be repeated each time the head is bent. There is not a single symptom that is unique to MS and... (7 replies)
... t discuss here...maybe just say intimate..anyhow I began getting a pain in my head and face.It was horrible and thought I was dying...I could not move my head or neck in any direction that that pain was not there. nor did I go to the hospital as I figured I moved the wrong way. ... (18 replies)
Im vibrating!
Sep 29, 2009
... I still have the numbness when I bend my neck forward, but after 6 years I really don't notice it. ... (20 replies)
Im vibrating!
Sep 28, 2009
... Recently for the past 3 weeks...I've been feeling weird vibrations throughout my body. They dont hurt but feel like a weird buzzing. I notice it more when I bend my neck down. Would this mean I have a new lesion? ... (20 replies)

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