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... is swelling of the optic nerve. Since the Optic Nerve is part of the central nervous system, its usually connected in some way to Multiple Sclerosis...if not now, then possible in the near future. ... (8 replies)
... I have not yet gone to my neurologist appointment or had a spinal tap, but I was told today that I now have 7 lesions on my brain. In 2004 I went completely blind due to optic neuritis. ... (4 replies)
... ophthalmologists and they haven't seen optic neuritis, and both said my optic nerves look perfect. what the second, much more senior doc said he observed was vascular inflammation in my arteries which he labeled vasculitis. ... (7 replies)

... Ok, that may be what is up with me then. I will have to wait and see of course. I have really funny sensations right now. Patches of tingles, numbness, and just funny things with my skin. I started having problems when my ON started. I actually thought my eye problem was gluacoma or a torn retina. I was shocked to hear ON. No one has started me on any treatment. I have... (8 replies)
... into a binocular microscope too long. Walked out 6 hours later with a diagnosis of ON and a note telling me to see the first opthamologist, neuropthamologist, or neurologist I could tackle for an appointment. ... (8 replies)
... Steroids are usually effective with vision problems. And I have read that when optic neuritis is your presenting symptom of possible MS, treating the ON with steroids can put off the MS for a lot longer than if you do nothing. ... (4 replies)
... You are learning, unfortunately, the hard way, but thats why we are here. Many of us have been in your shoes and had to learn the best way to deal with things like keep asking! Remember only YOU can advocate for your own one else is going to advocate for you! ... (14 replies)
... In any case, best of luck with everything! The thing that's been comforting through the diagnosis for me is realizing that nothing about ms is set in stone. ... (8 replies)
... Well, I lost my vision in my left eye to Optic Neuritis on July 11, 2013. Prior to this day I had never heard of Optic Neuritis. However, I wish it would've stayed this way. Because, this was scary! ... (3 replies)
... To move into the "MS types" the neurologist will look for a second attack. ... (3 replies)
... me start my saying that there is no real pattern to the way that MS presents itself. Everyone's symptoms vary to some degree. The loss of vision may be caused by optic neuritis. That is an inflammation that can sometimes be associated with MS. ... (9 replies)
... NYC is great place to be when you need medical attention! The neurologist said he thought it was optic neuritis and said he wanted me to go to the ER to be admitted to the hospital to start IV steroid treatment. ... (4 replies)
... also consider an Opthamologist, to check your eyes. What you described sounds very much like Optical Neuritis, a condition which is caused by inflamation of the optic nerve. Do not see anyone but a Opthamologist, a regular optomotrist cant help you.... ... (1 replies)
... ophthalmologist. He told me I had Optic Neuritis and ordered a brain MRI. He told me that MS was a possibility and I was shocked. ... (26 replies)
... sided numbness and optic neuritis and I went to the ophthalmologist who told me he thought I had MS. I told him he must be CRAZY. ... (12 replies)
... is not Optic Neuritis. ... (6 replies)
Do I have ms
Mar 17, 2006
... you who are suffering from this disease and you guys can not get your Docs to confirm that you have MS. Have any of you had your eyes tested to see if you have Optic Neurilist I don't think I spelled that corectly. Anyway it is nreve damage to the eye which is caused from MS. ... (28 replies)
Problems at night
Dec 12, 2009
... Thank you soo much Nikki for your response. I have mainly worked with one neurologist here in San Diego. ... (4 replies)
... second or third grade. of course, my vocabulary wasn't advanced enough to really express what was going on. i now know i was experiencing my first optic neuritis. the eye dr patted me on the head and told me to give my mother a break. then, i had another ON bout when i was about 14 or so. ... (15 replies)
... It is important if you have ON to get medical care right away from a neurologist to find the cause. You'll need a dose of IV Solumedrol followed by oral prednisone. ... (18 replies)

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