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... ood idea" you dont want to get pregnant on the Rebif...then, went to my MS specialist, who said even if you have the tubal, you probably dont want to get off the birth control because some studies suggest that the Estrogen in the Birth Control Pill may protect you from relapses! ... (6 replies)
... Hey. Just an FYI, birth control pills do NOT compete with Provigil, nor do they work on any receptors. ... (3 replies)
Birth control
Jun 6, 2005
... hi, im new to this and wanted a bit of info, im on the pill and my doctor has told me i must come off it and find an alternative method. im 38, have had ms since i was 32 i am currently on rebif 44 and take baclofen, im considering the birth control injection Depo-Provera does anyone know if this interacts with the medication im on or anythin else about these injections thanx... (0 replies)

... Youre probably not going to appreciate this, and it is in NO WAY my opinion or feelings, but I have been told by my Neuro that if I were to get pregnant on Rebif I would have to consider abortion... ... (3 replies)
... lready researched that pts with ms do really well during the pregnancy but postpartum they can have an increase in difficulty. I also am aware that I cannot take Rebif and be pregnant under any circumstance. ... (3 replies)
Getting off Rebif
Apr 30, 2007
... Hugs back at ya, Lauren. You are a very strong woman. Hey, I posted under a new thread a question about birth control pills...know anything about getting off of them while dx with MS? ... (14 replies)
... This is very interesting. I actually am dealing with something quite the opposite and I want you to hear about it. I have been on birth control pills for over 15 years, the time has come to get off of them and I was seriously considering a tubal. ... (6 replies)
... Its especially interesting to me that you were on Rebif for 4 years prior to making this decision. You and I are in the same age group, Ill be 41 in Nov. ... (11 replies)
Place in between
Jan 22, 2007
... In a very short time, lost alot of ability to control my bladder and started having bowel problems. ... (21 replies)
... Some of you know that I was really upset to find out a year ago that my triglycerides were thru the roof, and wondered if it was my Rebif causing it. IT WASNT. Im still on Rebif, and have been having my Tri's checked every 3 months...they kept going up and up. ... (13 replies)
... So betaseron is out permenantly and rebif and avonex are out until after pregnancy. ... (9 replies)
Sep 29, 2007
... which he describes as 4 or more NEW lesions showing on an MRI might constitute a change in date, having only been on Rebif one year, that hasnt happened to me. ... (9 replies)
... however, I think that the original post of using estriol is even more many women are on birth control, and estriol being a key ingrediant to birth control pills...with so many women developing MS, why NOT try to get a singularly drug like Estriol approved for MS therapy? ... (11 replies)
... go back and talk with her....she helped me with heads and tails of all the info, and with her explanations, I was able to reach a decision which worked for me . REBIF is the drug Im on..... ... (13 replies)
... relapsing 6 months ago, have been on Rebif for 5 months, and have had 2 more relapses ever since, thus now my doctor is calling my disease progressive. ... (2 replies)
... Now I just can't cool off! And my Rebif injection sites are hot and hard and lumpy, as well as itchy! I really want to just cool it with the meds and give my body a break. ... (5 replies)
Is MS hereditary?
Aug 21, 2011
... and consider it a whole new form of birth control! ... (8 replies)
... There is ABSOLUTELY NO claims that estrial can replace MS drugs such as injectbales that I have seen. If you know differently, please provide that info. I am on REBIF and have been for a year now. ... (11 replies)
... Hey Julia- FABULOUS! Let me tell you about Dr. Jalbut. Im sure you have already researched him...his credentials speak for themselves; however, he is a very tough man to read. What I LOVE about him is never have I had a more comprehensive office visit- ever. He has a nurse, who is a certified MS Nurse- meaning this is all she does. She is also a certified PA (physicians... (14 replies)

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