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... Hi everyone. I do have a few questions. Petechiea are small red dots that can appear anywhere on the body. Does anyone take anytype of medication that thins out the blood? ... (13 replies)
... I never knew it could be autoimmune. I have little red dots all over my body. Mostly on arms and legs. I noticed as my MS symptons got worse so did the dots. I should ask the nero about this. ... (13 replies)
... A blood test should be done to check your platlet count,could be a sign for leukemia. ... (13 replies)

... Sooty, Do these look like tiny little red dots?Blood spots?If so they are called petechiae,can be associated with autoimmune diseases,folic acid being low,or abnormal platlet counts.I just seen my GP for this on Monday,I had an itchy area,with no rash and this is what he said it was.My folic level was slightly low.Seen in many autoimmune disorders.Don't let it go call your... (3 replies)
... Yes they are broken tiny little blood vessels and can be caused by crying and laughing in the face and can be caused by chronic coughing on the front of the chest.As you age they become common. ... (13 replies)
... Isn't petechiea broken blood vessels? ... (13 replies)
... It looks like red pin size dots close together, I will get this checked out. Did your GP give you anything for it or the cause of it? ... (3 replies)
Brain MRI
Jan 15, 2012
... Was asked how my blood sugar is I am borderline Type 2 on meds for it as well as Hypothyroid but NOT full type 2. ... (6 replies)
30 YR old Matthew
May 16, 2014
... The odd part about all of this is that I am very very healthy, blood test show perfect levels of near everything. ... (13 replies)
... I went to my GP, she asked all the appropriate questions, and decided to do a full blood panel. She thought maybe I was diabetic, vitamin deficient, had Lyme, etc.. The blood work came back normal. ... (19 replies)
Jun 26, 2006
... Recently I have had the red pin size dots (like blood vessels) over my legs and arms and I have been bruising really easily, some bruises just appearing I am sure I have not bumped into anything. I went to the docs last week, he said the rash is petechiae (as nuffs3 said) and ordered some blood tests (7 tubes of blood!). I have to go back on Friday to get results - not... (3 replies)
New to ms
Oct 21, 2014
... without contrast. On oct 6th I went back to hear my blood work looked good and my brain showed no lesions but "dots" which I assume could turn into lesions. He confirmed that I did have MS. ... (3 replies)
... those scars show up as little white dots on the MRI. BUT, keep in mind that not all scars or lesions as they are called, are MS. ... (25 replies)
... Hi! Just a little note about the microangiopathic disease means small blood vessel disease, which can be a normal variant, or a result of migraines, or if you are a smoker, etc. ... (6 replies)
... nothing showed up. Although I had a rash on my leg all the blood tests came back as clear and no lupus. ... (5 replies)
... I stopped the rebif after the infusions were done. Rebif wasn't working for me I am still waiting on my blood work results from the pml test so right now med free! ... (7 replies)
... Yes what should i start looking for while i get a MRI and blood work done, I know the basic signs of having MS, and i am suffering from eye twitching, seeing problems, nausea/vomiting, Diarrhea, constipation, pain all over my body, twitching all over my body, been diagnosed with chronic migraine, family history of ALS, problems walking while walking may fall down due to one... (2 replies)
... to really build up in your blood stream and get to full capacity to work. ... (2 replies)
... OK so this past week has been hell. It all started with more fatigue. Then I went to the store and got lightheaded and saw dots on people faces and the lights looked like they were moving or something. I had to sit down, as I felt like I was moving. ... (12 replies)
... just some blood work. ... (1 replies)

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