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... latex bandages and that seems to have cleared up my issue. Honest, I was scratching so much in my sleep I'd wake up with blood spots on the sheets and scabs developed. SO. ... (3 replies)
... There is no blood test for MS and nothing found in a persons blood work that would indicate MS. A positive ANA does not support a diagnosis of MS and is not part of the diagnostic criteria. ... (4 replies)
... dose spiral CT lung scan, passed my pulmonary tests, normal blood work, and I had a sinus CT scan leading my doc to attribute my problems to allergic rhinitis. ... (5 replies)

... proteins and have come up with what I said before. Since Lupus and APS are autoimmune, they are terrific mimikers. APS can be a tough one, but you do need the blood work done since it seems that you have the symptoms! ... (24 replies)
... tory injections from my doctor when migraine was ruled out, and was referred for physiotherapy. I had a tight lump at the base of my skull rhs, and chronic pain on the rhs of my skull and neck with severe facial pain. ... (7 replies)
... y legs just went wobbly and since then i have had the feeling of a blurry eye i seem to be forgetting things at times for years i have had bad sleep patterns and on off headaches. ... (26 replies)
... Hello again...the doctor says I probably have MS because a brain MRI revealed eight spots that look like they are caused by MS. and I have symptoms of spasms, tremors, pain, etc. I'll be seeing a neurologist for that. ... (0 replies)
Probable ms?
Jul 31, 2006
... o my foot which made it very difficult to walk. I also had hyper reflexes and could hardly stand anything touching them. My legs burned and felt like they were on fire. Believe it or not, I ignored what was happening to me and thought it just might be a pinched nerve. ... (4 replies)
... There are 5 white spots on my brain that have not changed and they are saying are not 'indicative' of MS. ... (2 replies)
Nov 8, 2005
... I posted before about the risks of only using my stomach to inject... and it looks like I got my answer first hand! I have a tiny area on my stomach that looks almost like a bruise, or blood under the skin. After I did some research, I am pretty sure it is necrosis. Anyone experience this? ... (2 replies)
... Dr. Herbert today. He said that I definitely have it. He looked at my MRI and counted about 12 lesions. He said it is in the very early stages. He is putting me on Avonex, but doing it twice a week instead of just once a week. ... (28 replies)
... x is only once a week into the thigh...many people get extremely sick from Avonex fact, Rebif was brought out because so many patients felt that their blood levels didnt stay stable only giving the medicine once a week.... ... (2 replies)
... the needle is the smallest on the market. ... (17 replies)
... Thanks, I definetly have a lot of loose skin and still some fat so I shouldn't have a problem finding an area to inject in if it comes to that. ... (3 replies)
Hi Need Help
Oct 28, 2009
... ks and it really helped. No more dizziness. I was like, ah I don't need it anymore. It is gone and I stopped taking the medication. For three months my life went on normally. ... (2 replies)
... neck though its real bad on the left side!!!!!! and my nerve and carpel is on the right? ... (6 replies)
... g to answer your question from another standpoint. ALthough Jay is correct in the info he gave you, I beg to differ with the last part. Not too many people start on Copaxone and then switch to other drugs. Many people actually go the other way.... ... (6 replies)
... Not sure what feedback you are looking for here. You know Im on Rebif. I love my Rebif because of several reasons. I recieve a month at a time, and it doesnt have to be refrigerated unless it is more then 30 days. ... (5 replies)
... (19 replies)
... ving many MS symtoms for about a year now. They are starting to efect my everyday life now. I have developed a tremor in both my hands. My eyes get blurry cloudy spots in them that come and and sometime I even see double. I have been so tired I can hardly stand to be in my own skin. ... (19 replies)

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