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May I have MS>?>?
May 27, 2014
... My neurologist wanted me to do a work up. Blood work, EEG, and a brain MRI. EEG was clean. ... (3 replies)
... rd if any of you were scared into thinking this was something new and relevant. Its not relevant beyond what your doctors have already told you. Continue to have blood work done regularly and watch for any increases in levels and talk to your physicians if you have any other concerns! ... (19 replies)
... My calve muscles have been stiff for months now with no sign of letting up. I do stretches and so far the stiffness hasn't interfered much. ... (2 replies)

Probable MS...?
Sep 24, 2007
... An MS specialist is nothing more than a Neurologist who ONLY sees MS patients, or rules IN or OUT MS.. ... (36 replies)
... Julia, YES. I said all of that. MY primary Neuro did all the testing, including the blood test which came back negative. He sent me thru a host of EEG, EMG, Optical test, periferal tests, and nerve conducting studies.. ... (31 replies)
... LOL....No I had a spinal tap...besides ,as for the lesion thing...I havent had an MRI in 2 years!!! So I wouldnt know how many lesions I have at this point in my life. ... (6 replies)
... hours a week, raise a family and am going to college for my doctorate degree. ... (6 replies)
... Daysma, forgive me for jumping in....but you started this with you didnt know why they wanted to do an LP... ... (49 replies)
... Steroids are not DMDs and MIGHT work. The problem is when a person with PPMS or SPMS should take it. The problem is that long term use of steroids diminishes in effectiveness over time. ... (7 replies)
... a tube. I go thru a tube every 4 months or so. I use it to massage the area immediately after I inject. Originally used by AMerican Indians for brusing and redness, it takes much of the bullsyes away and prevents it from showing up. I also use it after I shower on the areas which I inject... ... (44 replies)
... really happy to hear that you have not only a Neuro appt, but insurance starting soon! Youll definately need it to get a dx...You said that the only way to get a MS dx, is with a MRI...yes and no. YES you definately need to start with a MRI of the brain and spine, with and without Contrast. ... (2 replies)
... had to be rescheduled. It already was scheduled for 9 months, not 6. ... (7 replies)
... clear blood work, evoked potentials coming back as a positive for MS, at least 2 isolated neurological episodes... yet my neurologist went ahead and did the LP regardless, and found obands. ... (49 replies)
... Hi Nikki, You mention vitamin stores and not using retail stores to purchase vitamins...mail order...etc. Do you mean using a organic store? Or a health food store? Would a GNC count? Thanks in Advance. (37 replies)
... Thanks so much Nikki, points well taken. I' am just searching, as we all have, for anything that makes us feel better. ... (37 replies)
... A really good place to start is ask for blood work. Ask to have your B, D, Iron and anything else they can think of, tested...wait for results and see where you are in terms of do NOT want to overdose or overuse certain vitamins, especially A, D, E and K. ... (37 replies)
... glad to see your post regarding the fact that tests don't always have to be positive to still be really affected by APS. I was diagnosed when pregnant years ago with positive ANA and Anticardiolipin and because of having several miscarriages. Since then the few tests I have had done have been negative. ... (24 replies)
... I was reading through some of the posts in this forum, and I am compelled to share with you some information of a disorder that is known to cause TIA's and strokes and symptoms of MS. ... (24 replies)
... in plasmaphoresis they put catheters in each side of your neck and spend a few hours removing all your blood, filtering out the antibodies, and then putting the blood back in your body. It's very similar to dialysis. ... (7 replies)
Diet for MS
Jun 1, 2008
... having awareness of the things that affect us positively or negatively is such a great tool with this disease! ... (37 replies)

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