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Blood work
Oct 17, 2013
... Do they do blood work to find out if you have MS? ... (13 replies)
Blood work
Oct 17, 2013
... Hi there. There is NO blood test for MS. IN fact, there is no test at all to determine if you have MS. The reason they do alot of blood work is to rule out similarily presenting diseases which DO show up in blood work. ... (13 replies)
... There are no exact tests for MS. THere is no blood work for MS. The reason that he is doing both the MRI and blood work is to rule out everything else.... ... (4 replies)

MS Symptoms
Dec 29, 2003
... Have you ever had blood work show 'oddities' autoimmune wise? ... (9 replies)
... I have been to a neurologist after an episode of vertigo, MRI showed an arachnoid cyst and multiple white matter lesions. Blood work show b12 of 215, lyme, syphillis, intrinsic factor all ok, no lupus. ... (17 replies)
... My first doctor told me since it didn't show up on the brain MRI that I didn't have it. The past couple of days I have been extremely fatigued and nauseated. ... (10 replies)
... ut the biteral cerebal hemispheres as well as the brain stem and both hemispheres. The appearances consistent with a demyelinating disorder. Post contrast images show no evidence of pathological enhancement of these lesions. ... (8 replies)
... next month. I then got saw a neurologist and passed a neuro exam but to be safe he ordered and MRI of my Cervical spine on a 1.5T machine with no contrast which show some bone spurs and a pinched nerve. ... (33 replies)
Can this be MS
May 31, 2020
... MS can NOT be detected by blood. There are inflammatory panels which can be done by blood work, but they are not specific to MS... my mom has Rheumatoid Arthritis and gets the same blood work as I do, and I have MS. ... (3 replies)
... this with you didnt know why they wanted to do an LP...Lumbar Punctures, or spinal taps are done to rule out infection, to check for Obands, which are commong in MS patients and to help get closer to a dx.. ... (49 replies)
... rast...what that is, is a liquid injected into your arm half way thru the MRI, which allows things which are "active" meaning, causing you immediate problems, to show up more clearly on the MRI. ... (25 replies)
... Just so you know, there is no blood work for MS. Nothing can be found by bloodwork other than ruling out B12 deficiencies and other issues such as Anemia. Nothing to do with MS will show in blood work. ... (7 replies)
Is it finally MS?
Mar 19, 2016
... One of the top neurologist here at home that we saw last week said this after the last test which was the DNA blood work...after 8 weeks he said, well the good news is it is not a life threatening disease and you won't die. The bad news is we do not have a name for it. ... (12 replies)
... as, pregnancy. So I went into the dr's office, and they did a urinalysis, and it came back negative for pregnancy. She wasn't completely convinced so she did a blood test just to confirm that I wasn't. They were both negative for pregnancy, and the morning nausea and vomiting continued. ... (12 replies)
... really happy to hear that you have not only a Neuro appt, but insurance starting soon! Youll definately need it to get a dx...You said that the only way to get a MS dx, is with a MRI...yes and no. YES you definately need to start with a MRI of the brain and spine, with and without Contrast. ... (2 replies)
... thats good news. Have you had your blood work done recently to see if the shots have raised your levels to a higher, more normal level? ... (29 replies)
... You asked how the Neuro will determine if it is MS. Mostly by eliminating everything else. MS is one of the hardest diseases to dx. He will start will Brain and Spine MRIs.... ... (4 replies)
... You have repeatedly in your posts asked why you have MS symptoms. I think its important to reiterate, that A. You dont have most of the normal MS symptoms which people are diagnosed with and B. ... (7 replies)
... Hey I'm Luke. I'm 24 years old and was officially diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting MS on April 4th 2013. Sorry if my story is long, but I wanted to tell it and see if I can get some help. ... (11 replies)
... Hi MS Diagnosis. ... (9 replies)

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