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Pain in eye
Dec 15, 2007
... Textbook ON begins with pain behind the eye, graduating to blurriness and color distortion but it CAN present differently in people and can even be "silent". My visual field was impaired long before I even got blurry but I didn't know it until I took a visual field test. ... (3 replies)
Eye pain
Jun 11, 2004
... I am in limbo land still...been told i have Fibromyalgia....but have had so many other symptoms that we worry about MS... ... (1 replies)
... I just had the field vision test done and the OD said everything looks good. ... (1 replies)

... I failed the tests, I didn't pass them at the neurologist office. Also, I wasn't clear on the hug either. It felt like someone was squeezing me tightly and the pain was on off for 4 days, not continual. ... (19 replies)
... Hello all. I have having a lot of problems with my bad eye and thought maybe you could help. ... (1 replies)
Eye problems
Nov 28, 2000
... I have had panic and other problems for almost a year now. I have had episodes of arm problems, like being unable to lift arms and such. My eyes have hurt for nearly a year. I have also had dizzy spells for nearly three years. ... (3 replies)
... I didn't even know I HAD color loss until my eye doctor picked up a bottle with a brightly colored orange cap and had me look at it one eye at a time. ... (2 replies)
... I know there doesnt appear to be anything "normal" with MS but I have had these on and off symptoms with my eyes and would love to know if it has happened to anyone else. ... (15 replies)
... Do not let the doctors scare you off from being INVOLVED in your own care! ... (9 replies)
... iting for a diagnosis on whatever "this is" that I have but finally have been taken seriously after over 2 years with no answers. A few weeks ago I noticed some blurriness of my left eye, called my GP and got referred immediately to an opthamologist. Long story short I was just diagnosed with optic neuritis. ... (10 replies)
... Be your own advocate and keep pushing until you get the answers you the meantime, dont let this paralyze you. ... (10 replies)
MS or going crazy?
May 30, 2013
... Hi there and welcome to healthboards. ... (3 replies)
... best described as a dull pain but it was worse and absolutely noticeable with movement and it eventually graduated to increasing blurriness. ... (4 replies)
... Thanks for the info. That is a big problem in that the symptoms come and go. The eye pain started 4 weeks ago today. I was taking OTC headache medicine to relieve the pain. The pain would last until I took something for it. ... (10 replies)
... First hello to everyone here. You all seem so supportive and knowledgeable. ... (5 replies)
... sion. I would think that maybe my house was dusty or maybe I was able to see a floating microscopic germ or something. More recently, I have experienced stabbing eye pain behind my right eye. ... (4 replies)
... phorsenuf, what you're describing sounds like it could be ON but the affected eye is usually DIMMER, not brighter. Symptoms can vary but in a classic case there will be pain behind the eye, graduating to blurriness and color loss. ... (16 replies)
... all, I've found that speaking to them intelligently and using the right lingo helps them speak intelligently back to you. ... (12 replies)
Shifting Vision??
Apr 14, 2006
... Pain in the eye may not always be optic neuritis. My pain and intermittent blurriness is unexplainable. My OD and I can only attribute the problem to the location of my lesions in my occipital lobe. ... (9 replies)
... Not diagnosed. Issues with intermittent blurriness in right eye. ... (2 replies)

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