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... yes,I have lesions in the spine thoracic and lumbar,I guess MS does not disriminate against the central nervous symptom.Even though the MRI of the brain showed no lesions,they could be very small. ... (3 replies)
... My apologies. I have 4 broad-based disc bulges in my lumbar and 4 in my cervical. The ortho had ordered a cervical & lumbar MRI. Both showed issues with degerenative discs as well. Who should I go to in regards to the results of the original mri? The ortho read them and sent me to this "specialist" for pain management. So now I'm just as confused as before.... (8 replies)
... Second, MS is not hereditary. No one in my family has it either...and MS lesions, which are attacks on the central nervous system, show up on either a Cspine or Brain MRI and can affect the eyes as well. Occasionally, those lesions also show up lower in the spine... a brain MRI is no scarier than the Cspine one which you had.. ... (8 replies)

... Kadedoll. i must have misunderstood you because I could have sworn that you said you had a Cspine MRI (the first time) Im sorry. SO, your MRI suggests there is nothing really wrong with your spine. All the degeneration in the world can be from trauma, like a car accident, or normal from aging. Stenosis, is also a normal thing, if its mild. You dont have anything on your MRI... (8 replies)
... neuropathy was tough to dx, as I also have Cspine disc took forever for me and my doc to be comfortable saying this was caused by lesions in the brain NOT by the disc herniations. Sometimes, I still have doubts...however, I trust my doctor. And, I know my body. ... (7 replies)
... My questions are do any of these sound like ms symptoms and can you have ms if mri's of brain and cervical are free of lesions. also does it make sense to get steriod therapy if not ms? ... (14 replies)
... epeat those MRIs in about 6 months if nothing showed up. SO, you have time to request another set of MRIs and if you insist, get your entire spine done, with the brain as well, with and without contrast. ... (33 replies)
... I wanted to get a brain MRI which the neuro ordered for me. I was convinced I had a brain tumor or something. The MRI was normal but it was done without contrast. I had been doing the chiropractor treatment for about 2 months. ... (5 replies)
... tremities off and on for years. My symptoms usually wax and wane. However, for the past year almost I have had a constant flare up of symptoms. After lumbar disc herniations were ruled out as the cause of my pain I was sent to neuro. At my first neuro appt they were suspicious of MS because of my symptoms and brisk reflexes. ... (3 replies)
... Much, but not all, of my main pain is caused by disk herniations in my spine, a bad hip and knee. ... (5 replies)
... T1 show a mld bulge with no obvious impinement. The neural foramen are widely patent. The remainder of the study is unremarkable with no significant bulges or herniations evident. ... (19 replies)
Numb Fingertip
Jan 25, 2014
... Actually, carpal tunnel almost always shows up in the ring finger. So does compressed neck nerves. Ive had MS for 9 years, but have suffered with numbness and tingling in my ring finger for just as long. It was my onset symptom of MS....I saw specialists in CTS- and they assured me, that it PROBABLY was CTS- but when my EMG ruled it out, a CT scan was ordered to check for... (17 replies)
This heat...
Jul 21, 2013
... For years, they debated whether or not my tingling hands and fingers were attributed to my spinal stenosis and herniations or my MS. Then, we did a test. ... (11 replies)
Cervical problems
Apr 18, 2010
... Nikki! I feel your pain. I have been over and over with doctors because I have a lesion in my thoracic spine in which demyelinated my cord and have a growing neuro epithelial cyst in the basal ganglia of my brain. Some doctors think I have MS in my spinal cord some dont, but anyways, I am having severe pain around my rib cage and tingling and numbess, I also have had my... (31 replies)
Lumbar puncture
Jun 15, 2009
... definitely speak to your doctor about one. A cervical spine MRI, if it show lesions, will explain your urinary problems. Also, a MRI of the spine could show disc herniations that might be impringing or compressing on a nerve which would also explain urinary problems. ... (18 replies)
... Last year, I developed a variety of neurological issues following a virus. I had an MRI done, and they found a few small, nonspecific, white matter changes in the brain. They did NOT enhance. They also found several herniated disks, which they believed were the cause of my problem. I also have a visual evoked potentials, auditory evoked potentials, and EEG done (triple evoke),... (1 replies)
Maybe MS?
Oct 6, 2008
... I am finding that even with a brain MRI and lesions and many symptoms the diagnosis of MS is difficult to determine on some level from what so many members here post. ... (7 replies)

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