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... My heart goes out to you.I suffered a radial nerve palsy after months of experiencing M.S symptoms.My brain Mri showed a 9mm lesion suspected to be demylinating typically seen with M.S. Was also told I could have a brain tumor, or white matter caused by a small stroke.... ... (4 replies)
... Which comes first, the actual lesion or the flair? ... (11 replies)
... Some MSers might be affected by a single lesion while others may have no perceived problem. A VEP can usually detect a very slight, unforeseen impediment in your nervous system. ... (6 replies)

... on board with this definition. A lesion is a scar. What shows up as a white spot on a MRI is an actual scar where damage has already been done to the myelin sheath. ... (6 replies)
... I think that the pain comes when the nerve fiber is exposed. Based upon that idea, the pain could start as the lesion is growing. Pain can also present after healing because we are unable to see the resulting healed area. ... (6 replies)
... I actually asked my doctor this question not too long ago. He said that its impossible to know when a lesion is forming, because most of us have had MS for up to 10 years without a single symptom and until we get a symptom, we wouldnt know we had it. ... (6 replies)
... No matter the cause, herniated disk, brain lesion, a virus, when you have Neuropaty, you get pain and symptoms, period. ... (7 replies)
... Hi jill, Welcome to healthboards! Im so sorry that your son is ill & im a mom of sons about that age & i know how upset i get when they are sick & can understand the concerns, cares, feelings when its your child no matter the age & im really sorry that this is happening but so hope that the neurologist will find the right diagnosis & have treatment options to make him... (3 replies)
... Please help me understand. You wrote "My dr gave me predisone for the dizziness to close the blood brain bearer."....not possible. Steroids, reduce inflammation but have zero to do with the blood brain barrier. ... (7 replies)
... You shared that you have no lesion on your spine. What about your brain? ... (3 replies)
... part of the MS or is it separate. There are too many variables and this is why an MS Specialist will be in the best position to help your sister. MS can indeed cause vertigo which could indeed cause the nausea. ... (10 replies)
... hey ... oh god. one of the reasons i like to resist medicine is just what they can cause ! i dont know about you .. ... (18 replies)
... Anxiety can cause every single symptom which you listed, although it doesnt sound like this is an example of sounds like your sister has something going on... ... (10 replies)
Lesion Pain?
Nov 10, 2012
... Does anyone know if they experience pain WHERE the lesion is located in the spine? ... (2 replies)
... I was actually going to start a post earlier in the week about this topic. I was curious as to if lesions on either your spine or in your brain (or both) caused certain symptoms. Like lesions that cause Optic Neuritis are obviously in the brain, but what about numbness / tingling / weakness. I always assumed muscle weakness was related to the spine and the same with the... (5 replies)
... hi, my mri report says to many lesions to count, which in turn put me in a big state of o my gosh this isnt good... im like you i concentrate on the lesion load........ ... (8 replies)
In tears-
Jun 13, 2006
... Somedays it gets difficult to distinguish cause from effect. After several months with few symptoms, this past week has been rough and with some new things as well. ... (11 replies)
Brain MRI
Jul 9, 2015
... t least 3 mm. Studies found that 1 mm slices did not increase the effectiveness of the images. If the MRI slices are greater than 3 mm, the chance of missing a lesion increases. ... (7 replies)
... Was her one lesion in the brain? ... (3 replies)
... mineral deficiencies. The blood test is one of the first tests the neuro gave me because there are blood borne diseases which can cause MS like symptoms to present. ... (12 replies)

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