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... one in which the immune system mistakenly attacks a person's own tissue rather than foreign invaders. It causes inflammation within the central nervous system, the brain, and spinal cord. ... (3 replies)
... When I have a spinal lesion attack, I will get that shock sensation radiating up from the back of my ankles up to my calves, every time I take a step. ... (8 replies)
... Some MSers might be affected by a single lesion while others may have no perceived problem. A VEP can usually detect a very slight, unforeseen impediment in your nervous system. ... (6 replies)

... all came back normal. The brain scan was normal as well. ... (0 replies)
... I have dizzyness and off balance issues throughout the day.. comes and goes. Vertigo is what led me to my initial diagnosis because the lesion I had happened to be in the area of the brain that causes dizzyness. They say it should improve if the lesion heals. I can live with it now. ... (7 replies)
Brain MRI
Jul 9, 2015
... t least 3 mm. Studies found that 1 mm slices did not increase the effectiveness of the images. If the MRI slices are greater than 3 mm, the chance of missing a lesion increases. ... (7 replies)
Aug 7, 2012
... on MRI using different scanning techniques. The nature of brain scans causes tissues with more water to give off brighter signals that appear whiter on the scans. More water can be caused by many factors for different reasons. ... (10 replies)
... My Brain MRI was clear but, because the MRI was relatively new at the time I was going through the diagnostic procedure I did not have a MRI of the cervical spine. ... (5 replies)
Jul 9, 2008
... As for the mouth, ask your doctor or neuro. Mine said brain stem lesion causes it. If they're going to do MRI, ask if they can see lesions on the brain stem to identify where they may be affecting nerves. Hugs! ... (4 replies)
... Lhermittes is not exclusive to MS as there can be other causes for this symptom. However, when related to MS LHermittes is due to cervical spinal cord lesions. Brain lesions do not cause LHermittes. ... (3 replies)
... He said that we need to rule out M.S., so that we can carefully look at other causes to my neuro problems. He said that I also need an xray, to see if this is a bone injury rather than just tissue. ... (11 replies)
... ent accurate. I read that the MSer's lesions in the Philippines and China have a different shape than the "textbook" MS lesion. MS Lesions are generally in the brain and not exclusive to the spine. ... (1 replies)
... which causes the tingling and numbness...its NOT my hands at all. ... (4 replies)
Loss of memory
Mar 3, 2006
... This is the first time i have been on this board. I haven't noticed anyone talking about a lesion on the front lobe of the brain that causes memory loss, cognitive thinking. I have other symtoms but this is the one that really bothers me the most. ... (8 replies)
Apr 27, 2004
... It's always good to have new symptoms checked for other causes besides MS. It can be too convenient to blame MS for everything and overlook another problem. ... (1 replies)
... being a possibility, but in order to be sure, we needed to do some tests, which the first was an MRI. Fast forward to the results, it showed up a one solid white lesion on the right back part of my brain. My neuro told me he didn't expect to see this at all. ... (11 replies)
... And there are even more than this, but I just wanted to show that lesions can have a variety of causes from simply aging or migraines to much more complicated problems. ... (18 replies)
... Your MRI may include your brain stem, but I do not know what was ordered for you. The brain stem is not exclusive to have lesions. Some MSers may never have lesions there and not every lesion is MS. ... (16 replies)
Type of M.S.
Jun 6, 2008
... However, unlike brain lesions, there are NOT many causes for lesions in the spine. ... (20 replies)
... Head- Blurry vision need glasses but cant wear them do to my eyes always seem to be changing in amount of blurriness and vision capabilities. The latest was I was looking at a chechered pattern and my vision went all blurry and it got me all dizzy and my head was spinning. Jaw pain feeling of muscle spasms in my jaw 2-4 times a month I get eye... (4 replies)

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