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... I was actually going to start a post earlier in the week about this topic. I was curious as to if lesions on either your spine or in your brain (or both) caused certain symptoms. Like lesions that cause Optic Neuritis are obviously in the brain, but what about numbness / tingling / weakness. I always assumed muscle weakness was related to the spine and the same with the... (5 replies)
Morning all.
Jun 23, 2014
... I am experiencing left leg weakness in that once I'm in a crouching position ie. trying to help my husband plant flowers etc. I am unable to get up again without a hand up. ... (3 replies)
My MS Diagnosis
Jul 6, 2008
... years ago in 2002 I went in to see an MD as I had a tingling in my left leg. They did an xray of my spine and couldn't see anything wrong, symptoms went away after a few months that i remember. ... (14 replies)

... The weakness in the legs is more then likely not related to inflammation in your spinal lesion, since I would expect that tingling and numbness too if it was. ... (24 replies)
... hyperintense lesions are identified within the brain stem, most notably within the medulla, just to the left of midline. ... (2 replies)
... August of last year 06 I started out with a very weird heat sensations in the bottom of my left heal, days later numbness and tingling ventured up my leg and then extreme pain into my upper back. Than came foot drag. ... (7 replies)
Jul 9, 2013
... Yes, no, and maybe. If you see the complexity of the massive number of neurons in your brain and the miles and miles of nerve fibers, there is just no way to know. For some MSers a single lesion might leave them confined to a wheelchair. ... (6 replies)
One Side Vs Both
Aug 11, 2010
... I have right hand and arm weakness, but my left leg is the leg I drag. Sometimes neither leg cooperates. My neuro has noted that when my face droops, it has always been my right side, but this can change. ... (15 replies)
... better. My vision has gone back to "normal", the l hermittes has gone away and the numbness in my legs and stomach too. Now I am left with the stiffness and weakness in my left leg, tremor, bladder issues, and spasticity. I just kind of came up with the idea that I had an attack and this is what im left with... ... (5 replies)
... Actually an EMG or Electromyography is the test which is commonly used to check for muscle weakness and nerve damage... ... (8 replies)
Revisiting MS
Feb 4, 2014
... I am obviously new here but not new to MS. I started my journey 14 years ago and pretty much left it behind that many years ago. Between all the medical tests, doctors egos and not being able to get on the same page and my hand tied by my HMO I just gave up. ... (8 replies)
... About five years ago I began to have difficulty in moving my left leg. ... (1 replies)
... Hello Everyone, From getting told that my brain lesions didn't look like MS to it was MS was one rocky road.First all blood work came came back normal.. ... (6 replies)
... spinal chord. To date they have discovered only one lesion in the center of her brain, none on her spinal cord. ... (20 replies)
... spinal chord. To date they have discovered only one lesion in the center of her brain, none on her spinal cord. ... (5 replies)
... brain MRI is not. ... (2 replies)
... I really don't have any great advice for you as it seems I too am in a similar situation. I was diagnosed with MS in April, 2009... Was also given literature for MS drug therapy, and advised to choose one that I would like to begin. I chose 'Rebif', and was taking these injections 3x/week until September, 2010. My 'new' Neurologist thought I was having reactions to this... (11 replies)
... My symptoms started all of a sudden with me just not feeling right, the left side of my body was experiencing weird temperature change sensations. ... (11 replies)
... weak right hand and foot at worse being whole leg and most of arm. lasted months. failed strength tests, foot has a catch in it when I walk, my other leg comes around in a certain amount of time, the other leg takes an extra couple seconds like a hiccup. ... (8 replies)
Waiting for dx
Nov 18, 2005
... I too had leg problems, they were keeping me up at night. My doctor ordered a sleep study. ... (5 replies)

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