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... Hi This is my first time on this site, i have MS and each person is very different. However most MS suffers have a range of symptoms that are similar to a degree, but your wife may have just one of them. ... (6 replies)
# of lesions
Jun 26, 2007
... I believe at dx 1.5 years ago I had 7 brain lesions, no others. Now I have 9 or 10 or so brain lesions, one spinal lesion, one brain stem lesion. ... (6 replies)
New to the board
Jun 15, 2007
... I am 30 and have been dx with MS for 2 years. ... (6 replies)

... most of the MRI images and then toward the end, they inject the contrast in my arm and do a few more images. ... (5 replies)
... let me start from the beginning my son's father the week before thanksgiving had double vision, so we thought it was vertigo. he had that about 10 years ago, he went to the dr and they said no it wasn't vertigo and sent him for and MRI immediately. ... (9 replies)
Could be MS or ???
Jun 17, 2011
... tor I don't even know how many times before they decided that it was neurological, it took them a few years. We were getting really frustrated. So she had an MRI and a spinal tap and they diagnosed her with MS. She had lesions on her brain however her spinal tap came back negative for MS. ... (4 replies)
... My mom was diagnosed with MS about 5 or 6 years ago. She has lesions on her brain and she has all of the symptoms of MS. She took Copaxone for about a year and it didn't seem to stop the lesions. Then she took, I wanna say Avonex, it was either avonex or betaseron. ... (2 replies)
... There is no delineation of too much and not enough research. ... (8 replies)
... at top clinics,symptoms not from that.I have been to 3 neurologist,not one looked at the actual MRI's. 4th neuro said brain atrophy,significant with ms.No lesions,some lesions can disappear in time.Lumbar Puncture,high elevation of myelin basic protein. ... (5 replies)
... hi i lost the vision in one eye(well it went really smoky) that was the first i knew i had ms...there is a colour change also (a brown wooden desk ..had a golden look to it) i had a mri and was told it is ms as i had about 9 lesions in my brain hope this helps (9 replies)
... sounds like your doctor is doing the standard protocol in diagnosing MS. Most of them start with the brain. You are fortunate. Some docs who find nothing on the brain MRIs tell their patients that they're fine instead of checking farther. ... (3 replies)
MS Without Lesions
Jan 22, 2015
... O contrast. In addition had a clean LP. My MS specialist highly suspects MS after review of my symptoms I have had and my neuro exam with her. ... (5 replies)
... ryone, Well its been alittle while sicne I last posted here. I'm currently being diognosed for MS. Lately the symptoms just keep getting worse for me. I now have double visoin, constant pain in all my fingers and joints, forearms, legs, basically everywhere I use muscles it hurts. ... (5 replies)
... hello, i have enjoyed reading your posts and have learned alot about ms through them. i am sorry that this is long. ... (4 replies)
... with only my left eye, there is no text, only the blank scroll. If I look with my right eye, the text is there. It's really weird. Have you ever had instances of double or triple vision? ... (9 replies)
... I have Chronic Lyme disease and I need to be evaluated for MS. ... (1 replies)
... Her doctor wants to put her on antiviral medicine and Tecfidera. ... (4 replies)
... EVP was 4.8 with 5.0 and above being abnormal, MRI without contrast negative and Spinal tap negative. Neuro doctor put coins in his hands and he couldn't most of them right. ... (8 replies)
... I posted a thread down a little bit bust basically I am 23 years old and a male. ... (2 replies)
Double Vision?
Mar 18, 2004
... numb toes and weakness on one side of her body. ... (11 replies)

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