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... Lanahoop, yes, I've read that spinal lesions are more likely to impact mobility than brain lesions. But I've also read that the impact of brain lesions can't really be predicted. ... (2 replies)
... Brain lesions can occur from any viral infection (though not every infection causes lesions). If you want to confirm MS, your neurologist will need to exclude what you do not have. When all other possibilities are excluded, then you are left with MS. Be sure you are working with a neurologist who deals with MS. And keep coming back here to ask questions. Lastly, ask... (2 replies)
... And there are even more than this, but I just wanted to show that lesions can have a variety of causes from simply aging or migraines to much more complicated problems. ... (18 replies)

... I too was initially dx after having huge lesions on the spine and none on the brain, unfortunately my brain has caught up in the last few years. From all that I understand spinal lesions are worse than brain lesions, but others may have more info on that for you. ... (1 replies)
... My Brain MRI was clear but, because the MRI was relatively new at the time I was going through the diagnostic procedure I did not have a MRI of the cervical spine. ... (5 replies)
... Brain lesions can be caused by several things that I know of. Brain truama or small strokes caused by natural causes or drug useage. ... (18 replies)
Brain MRI
Jul 9, 2015
... up lesions. My MRIs have always been with and without contrast. As my MS has progressed, some areas have too many lesions to see new lesions unless they are seen as active under contrasting solution. ... (7 replies)
Brain MRI/lesions
Aug 18, 2015
... Your lesions could have been with you since you were an infant and could be linked to a simpple infection or high fever. There are many causes of lesions. As an average, MS lesions are about 7 mm. ... (4 replies)
Type of M.S.
Jun 6, 2008
... However, unlike brain lesions, there are NOT many causes for lesions in the spine. ... (20 replies)
... Could it be that there is not be anything that serious. Could it be normal to to have some lesions in the brain that they are just there? ... (15 replies)
? on lesions
Nov 19, 2007
... which is the brain, optic nerve and the spine. Nerves are protected by Myelin. MS damages the Myelin and causes it to "shed. ... (20 replies)
... the way the lesions heal themselves depend on some cells in the brain called oligodendrocytes. they are basically helper cells for neurons and they feed the cells and restore the myelin sheath. ... (8 replies)
Probable MS?
May 6, 2011
... I know you have had a MRI of the Brain but have you also had a MRI of the Cervical Spinal Cord. ... (2 replies)
... There is also no single test, by it's self, which can definitely give a diagnosis of MS. Lesions found on MRI can have other causes and is not specific for MS. For this reason redoing MRIs every 6 months is not uncommon. ... (9 replies)
... So sorry to hear you're without answers. Here's what I've learned, in case this helps. The MS causes the lesions, not the other way around (and I don't know how long it takes for the lesions to actually form). So while I understand what he's saying, there are plenty of people who you've even read about who have sx but no lesions (although they might be talking about the... (9 replies)
... After researching my symptoms online, I found multiple sclerosis could be one of causes to my troubles. ... (8 replies)
... While all MSers will eventually have lesions, not all lesions are MS related. The fact that you have lesions does not mean that you have MS, BUT the fact that you have lesions narrows the list of possible causes for those lesions. ... (15 replies)
... one in which the immune system mistakenly attacks a person's own tissue rather than foreign invaders. It causes inflammation within the central nervous system, the brain, and spinal cord. ... (3 replies)
... Black holes can be seen on brain MRIs. Black holes do not happen with spinal cord lesions. ... (15 replies)
... Brain lesions can be caused by a variety of problems and smoking has been shown to be one of many possible causes. Your lesions could also have been present from childhood due to a high fever. There is really no way to see onset of lesions if you have them present with your first MRI. ... (8 replies)

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