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... i am having an MRI today of my lower spine, I had one of my brain a few months ago that came out clear. My Dr said that the MRI is so expensive that my insurance will only pay for a part of the spine not the whole thing. ... (1 replies)
Lesions on spine
Apr 13, 2005
... and not on the brain. Also, is the location of the lesions pertinant to where you have your problem. One more question, is severe muscle pain part of the MonSter? ... (4 replies)
Lesions on spine
Apr 15, 2005
... Yes, you can have lesions on just the spine and not the brain. That's how it is with me. I know how you feel, I get 'episodes' of tingling, numbness, being unbalanced when trying to walk. ... (4 replies)

Sep 16, 2010
... I was diagnosed in 1999 with MS. I have brain lesions and spine lesions. My lumbar came back fine. I refused treatment and went on with life. Last fall my lower back started hurting and I asked for a MRI of my lower back. It came back that I had a herniated disk with no lesions. ... (19 replies)
... I hope your results are no lesions on spine. ... (4 replies)
Brain MRI
Jul 9, 2015
... up lesions. My MRIs have always been with and without contrast. As my MS has progressed, some areas have too many lesions to see new lesions unless they are seen as active under contrasting solution. ... (7 replies)
... I have symptoms from head to toe with lesions on both the brain and C spine. ... (21 replies)
... Lanahoop, yes, I've read that spinal lesions are more likely to impact mobility than brain lesions. But I've also read that the impact of brain lesions can't really be predicted. ... (2 replies)
... o contrast. More brain lesions, none on spine. Also, absolutely no cord compression, disk problems, etc. Been on Copaxone 2 weeks now, doing well. ... (7 replies)
... I had a VEP in 2002 because the neuro could not see any active lesions on my MRI. ... (21 replies)
Spinal Lesions
Feb 10, 2014
... MS is a disease of the central nervous system, which includes the eyes, brain and spine. I have MS and have over 100 lesions. But not one of them is on my spine....they are all in my brain. SO, to specifically answer your question, the answer is no. BUT....MS has no test. ... (11 replies)
... But I finally requested that a direct comparison be made as when I examined my 2 copies of MRI scans I could most distinctly see more lesions on the left side of my brain than were there in 2007. I am a 59 year old female. ... (11 replies)
... brain and spine. Lesions can show up in either or both areas. ... (6 replies)
... umbness and tingling in my thighs and abdomen approx 6 mths ago. As I have a family history of NF 2, my GP referred me to my fathers neurosurgeon. I had an MRI on my brain and spine. This neurosurgeon told me that he thought I had 2 tumors in my spinal cord however my brain was clear. ... (1 replies)
... My spine is caked with really large lesions I have the l'hermitte's too, it's annoying, but I've had that so long I can't remember a time when I didn't have them. ... (7 replies)
MRI's and Lesions
Sep 27, 2011
... If your MRI was 3 years ago, there should be scars which show up on the MRI due to your ON. The lesions are generally found in the brain and cervical spine BUT they can also be found on the thoracic spine. ... (6 replies)
... In 1982 I was one of the first MSers to use the "new" MRI. The image was primitive to what we have now, but there were lesions visible. ... (4 replies)
... I was actually going to start a post earlier in the week about this topic. I was curious as to if lesions on either your spine or in your brain (or both) caused certain symptoms. Like lesions that cause Optic Neuritis are obviously in the brain, but what about numbness / tingling / weakness. I always assumed muscle weakness was related to the spine and the same with the... (5 replies)
... spine MRIs on their patients if other tests are conclusive and some don't. ... (26 replies)
... yes,I have lesions in the spine thoracic and lumbar,I guess MS does not disriminate against the central nervous symptom.Even though the MRI of the brain showed no lesions,they could be very small. ... (3 replies)

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