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... Black holes indicates permanent damage in that area. The more lesions you have the more black holes you could possibly have which leads to brain atrophy. ... (8 replies)
Visiting ms clinic
Jun 13, 2008
... There are basically 3 different "versions" of lesions found in PwMS. There are "enhancing lesions", which show "active inflammation", and show up best with contrast. ... (10 replies)
... When I was dx, I was "fine" except for my initial onset symtom, neuropathy in my hand and fingers... ... (8 replies)

... As to why they did the IAC, to a large extent, MS is a dx of exclusion as there are many other conditions that mimic its sx. ... (6 replies)
... The weakness in the legs is more then likely not related to inflammation in your spinal lesion, since I would expect that tingling and numbness too if it was. ... (24 replies)
... all on my brain. My only symptoms were numbness and tingling in my hands and fingers. ... (4 replies)
MS questions
Jan 18, 2013
... No, I hear you... I just want to know what it is, honestly. Here is the thing, I am only 34... ... (6 replies)
... ead your question and could not believe my eyes. I too have have your unique combination of symptoms, and a few more. Additionally, my MRI showed that I have 9 lesions on the brain. Based on the MRI and some of my symptoms my neurologist is convinced it is MS, though I am not. ... (11 replies)
... Hello My daughter in law had a brain tumor removed when she was 14 months old then had radiation and chemo... now she has lesions on her brain with only tingling in her hands, her sister 32 lost sight in one eye for 2 weeks and has ms and now takes shots, she has fewer lesions that the older sister... ... (9 replies)
... only 3 months later show 3 more totalling 9. This has me totally stressed out because I seem to have a MS Episode every 2 months of numbness, vertigo, speech problem, facial twitching etc. The doctor said it was VERY active and don't know why. ... (8 replies)
... The person in question is my wife. ... (9 replies)
Visiting ms clinic
Jun 14, 2008
... I refused a MRI. Either way, it took that 12 yrs before anything drastic happened again, which is a LONG time of reasonably good health considering I did have MS all along. ... (10 replies)
Worried in MD
Jul 7, 2013
... Please keep in mind that MS presents like 400 other diseases and its a long tedious process to rule out MS or to find out whats wrong. Lesions in the thoracic and lumbar spine, are almost NEVER MS related. It can happen, but its the rarest of rare to have MS lesions that low. ... (43 replies)
MS and Vision Loss
Aug 26, 2011
... First of all, sorry to hear of your troubles. Secondly, you keep referring to a brain MRI. Have you also had your spine imaged? ... (5 replies)
... You asked about lesions...the type of MS lesions we talk about here, will NOT show up on a CT scan or Xray. ... (31 replies)
... MS has only certain shaped lesions and they are only in certain areas of the brain and spine.... ... (6 replies)
... MS is only one of many diseases or causes of lesions. ... (27 replies)
... m 32 and 9 months ago in February 2013 I started to have dizzy spells which became almost constant. ... (8 replies)
... LOL....No I had a spinal tap...besides ,as for the lesion thing...I havent had an MRI in 2 years!!! So I wouldnt know how many lesions I have at this point in my life. ... (6 replies)
... What you tell an 18 year old girl coming in with ON then I really don't know... ... (7 replies)

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