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... es some little involuntary movement. Is that or could that be a symptom. Sometimes I think that since the tests are coming back ok that maybe I don't have MS but then I remember the lesions in my brain mri. It is scary. The first few weeks after I found that out I was afraid for anyone to even come near my head! ... (5 replies)
... from mine. 2 years and a month ago, i woke up with a tingling hand and fingers, thought i slept on them wrong....after beating my hand against the headboard and then my desk at work, it didnt go away. By the end of the day, people were telling me to go see a doctor. It was driving me nuts! ... (40 replies)
MS questions
Jan 18, 2013
... Anyway, I saw pain management on wed and he is the first one to do a lot of the neuro tests. ... (6 replies)

... This is a first for me. I don't typically like posting on sites, but I am in a limbo"ish" place and looking for any guidance possible. ... (3 replies)
... Jo 1 and positive centromere. ... (8 replies)
... In 2002 I had an anterior cervical discectomy with fusion, all the typical pain and numbness symptoms. Shortly after, I got pregnant with my first son. So began my daily bouts of vomitng that I thought was due to pregnancy but lasted for the next seven years. ... (1 replies)
... she should have done the blood work to rule out Lyme. The fact that your neuro didn't do that first off would make me want a second opinion for sure. ... (6 replies)
Losing it
Jun 30, 2010
... Hi all, I apoogize in advance if this is not relevant to the MS board, as I still do not have official diagnosis of MS. I've told parts of my history here before, but here goes'= -since Dec. 09 - bulging C5-6 disc, some nerve root impingement - April 10- suddenly felt burning in back of neck, rigidity in legs on walking (like knees wouldn't bend); a "falling sensation"... (2 replies)
... ad on many occassions! LOL! It began to really interfere with my work, life, etc. Finally, my husband insisted on going to see an orthopaedic doc which I did. An MRI was ordered. ... (31 replies)
... and complete numbness in my right arm. The numbness traveled from my right arm to face and then lips. Also my ring finger on my right hand felt dead. ... (12 replies)
More Tests....
Mar 13, 2008
... worse at points because too much info can be a destructive thing at times and cause unnecessary worries. I doubted myself and questioned myself alot during the first two years when my doctors couldn't find ANYTHING. ... (7 replies)
... In October I did a post asking about meds. I did because at my last visit to the MS clinic they said it was MS. I was first seen there in October 2012 then July 2013. ... (9 replies)
... and mine are starting to show up on my brain stem. My doctor also wanted me on Tysabri.....I reasearched it until I was blue. First of all, Biogen, will tell you flat out that NO ONE stays on Tysabri indefinately..... ... (9 replies)
... In 2008 my migraines came back with a vengence, I had an MRI done which just showed prominent virchow robins spaces, no lesions. In 2009 tremors started cervical MRI completed showed disk buldging, dx essential tremor. ... (3 replies)
... although the tests showed "evidence of prior infection", but negative according to the current diagnosing criteria of 5 bands. I was on antibiotics for a year. Honestly, I am so tired of chasing after a diagnosis. ... (18 replies)
... time. Things ok, some days low bp, very tired, brain fog, but would bounce back. 6 years ago went through menopause. Unbelievable night sweats. I was having more episodes of weakness and fatigue. ... (12 replies)
... The last time I was in to see my neuro, she also told me that I had Polymyalgia Rheumatica. My sed rate was slightly elevated, but when I went to a different doctor to ask about this ridiculous diagnosis, he told me flat out that my sed rate was not anywhere near high enough for the neuro to dx me with that. Not to mention, I'm only 33.. and while some of the symptoms I have... (4 replies)
Still no answers
Feb 19, 2008
... MS specialist in Jan 31 who was phenomenal and very understanding. She checked me from head to toe literally with a very thorough neuro exam and ordered another MRI of my entire spine and brain with contrast this time. She also ordered it on a stronger magnet so I have to go to boston to get it done. ... (3 replies)
30 YR old Matthew
May 16, 2014
... ood test show perfect levels of near everything. However one noted thing was that two years ago, with the "gallbladder area" pain I was diagnosed with EBV mono, then had three more positive ACTIVE ebv results from blood tests. This was over a 2 year period, just had my first test showing that I did NOT have mono! ... (13 replies)
... This past July I had my annual MRI, but for some reason just learned it was only done on my brain and not my spine. ... (22 replies)

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