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... I just had my first brain MRI this morning. Aside from the noise, it was a pretty pleasant experience...didn't last very long either. Anyway, before the MRI, my neurologist scheduled me for a follow up but not until Jan 3rd! Isn't that a long time? ... (20 replies)
... or forever. Some people have them chronically depending on where their legions are. How long ago did you have an MRI and did you have a spinal one as well as Brain? ... (5 replies)
... Oh, Blessed, it sure does sound like they are brushing you off. I had to wait two weeks after my first brain MRI, that seemed quite long to me. But the difference is, I got copies of my MRI when I left the test. ... (20 replies)

... How long does optic neritis last, I was diagnosed with it on 5th Oct 2009, it has improved but not to the point where I can get back to work. I had an MRI without contrast on brain, which apparently was normal. ... (6 replies)
... I had a LP test last Monday. ... (7 replies)
... and never come back. If it were in my rib area then a thoracic and cervical MRI, and brain would have shown a lesion then, right? ... (5 replies)
... Barre. Turns out it wasnt. ... (5 replies)
MRI Contrast Types
Apr 28, 2012
... I had my MRI yesterday. It was a lot different than my first MRI in 2009. In 2009, they made me drink the contrast. This time, they injected me. ... (7 replies)
... Hi all. I was on the inner ear disorder board since they thought my symptoms were caused by vestibular neuritis. Until the MRI scan. The MRI scan showed 20 white lesions on my brain. ... (3 replies)
... weird things going on for 6 years now. When they say MS hug, I at one time when this all started, had a feeling come over me, that felt like labor contractions, it lasted for about a half an hour, and left and never returned. ... (5 replies)
Injury and M.S.
Jul 22, 2016
... Hi, I was diagnosis with M.S. about 5 years ago after being treated by my Chiropractor. He works with the brain and nerve system. He ruled out many different autoimmune dis. but M.S. is the one he couldn't rule out. ... (2 replies)
... Thank you for the reply! I have been through so many tests during the last few years and I kind of feel like a light bulb went off when I started reading about MS. ... (12 replies)
... MRI's are not the only technigue used to DX MS.Not all lesions show on MRI's.I just had a VNG done a test for balance,it came back lesions in brain stem or left cerebral hemispere.I had an MRI a week before that test and it didn't show lesions in that area. ... (5 replies)
... Not long enough? ... (11 replies)
Tests to diagnose?
Jun 12, 2006
... Anyway, how long does vertigo last! I'm taking dramamine every 6 hours or so and it makes me sleepy. ... (13 replies)
Drop Foot
May 10, 2006
... Well, if you think it's urgent you can come it today and he would want you to get a brain with contrast and get 3 days of sudemedoral. Or you can wait until next week and see if it gets better and come in then. ... (22 replies)
... i can sympathise about everyone thinking it is all in your head. i went through that for many years before i was diagnosed with ms, the spinal tap isnt as horrible as you think it is.. ... (6 replies)
... old mother of four. After months of one test after another for many different symptoms that kept moving around, I had an MRI with contrast last week and had four lesions in my brain. ... (6 replies)
... symptoms that I do... the numbness in the eyes... that is exactly how I explained to my doctor and my vision get alot more blurry than usual when they are numb.... ... (18 replies)
... He said based on everything then, he would tend to think MS but he wanted to wait and see what happened in the next year. He is no longer available. But his last words were he thought it was MS. Then I didn't meet the McDonald Criteria. Now I have more than 9 lesions and 2 or more were demylinating. ... (7 replies)

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