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... Pardon the long story. This is my first post, and I figured I'd post it in here since I"m having a MRI done Wednesday to "rule out" MS. I'm a 25 year old female. ... (8 replies)
... have a higher incidence of MS, but in the US, location has zilch to do with it. Next, MS isnt hereditary. No one in your family needs to have it... ... (11 replies)
Tingling - MS?
Oct 31, 2012
... ossibility. The type of tingling you mention, espeically since there is no numbness involved, could be a herniated disc in your back. This is something that will show up on a MRi if they scan your spine.... ... (4 replies)

... rs I said the first time was ten years ago and the pain in my legs came back three years ago. The doctor I had then tried to tell me it was sciatica. The spinal MRI was three weeks ago and it was the Neuro I went to then kept asking me if I drank or had diabetes NEITHER of which I do. ... (27 replies)
... You went on to say you have had this for ten years and that you have had a spinal MRI , but didnt say when. ... (27 replies)
... MS does it's damage by causing the nerves in localized areas in the brain and spinal cord to lose their protective sheaths, called myelin. ... (8 replies)
... Thanks for your message. It was a neurologist that sent me for the MRI scan. The part that worry me is in the Interpretation which says Tiny nonspecific focus increased signal white matter of the left frontal lobe. ... (3 replies)
... Hi there. Sorry you are having these problems. Intesting that they sent you for a brain and Thoracic MRI and even more interesting that they didnt use contrast. ... (3 replies)
Brain MRI
Jul 9, 2015
... An MRI should be with and without contrast. The contrasting will "light up" active lesions. ... (7 replies)
... central disk protrusion, mild central spinal without neural foraminal stenosis. ... (8 replies)
Cervical mri ms
Feb 22, 2008
... Did they do a brain MRI? ... (6 replies)
... spine guy...this does NOT qualify him to read a MRI or to order one to rule out MS. So, I wouldnt believe that what he told you, that there is no problems on your MRI is true. ... (8 replies)
... lucky and someone gave them to you. So be it. Ive gotten lucky too...nevertheless, another important factor here is that a regular Neuro isnt qualified to read a MRI report for MS.....only a MS Specialist or a radiologist who specializes in diseases of the brain.... ... (6 replies)
Mri & eeg
Jun 30, 2011
... If your neuro handles MS and does not see MS, I would seek a second opinion because your intuition is more often right than wrong. ... (4 replies)
... Your symptoms are not unsual for MS, but they can also be 1 of 300 other things. You definately need that MRi, with and without contrast of both the brain and Cspine.... ... (23 replies)
... I wanted to get a brain MRI which the neuro ordered for me. I was convinced I had a brain tumor or something. The MRI was normal but it was done without contrast. I had been doing the chiropractor treatment for about 2 months. My headaches have been much better and my neck is also alot better. ... (5 replies)
... thinks I have ms. He recomended I see his nuerologist, if anything maybe she can figure out what's going on. Also, the MRI I had done was at the same place he had one of his "bad" MRIs done... ... (4 replies)
... Welcome. While getting the report is good, you really need to keep it sealed and let your doctor tell you and show you each item. My neuro always points out things on my images. ... (15 replies)
... of people with MS show lesions either on the brain on on the spine. ... (11 replies)
... Im sorry. SO, your MRI suggests there is nothing really wrong with your spine. All the degeneration in the world can be from trauma, like a car accident, or normal from aging. ... (8 replies)

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