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... Hi- new to this site but I need some answers. mother of two teenage daughters suffering from multiple symptoms. facial numbness and tingeling,shock like feeling down arms and temple. history of MRI's showing some demyl (4 yrs ago) now returning with a vengence. Had recent MRI which showed more plaque-going to new neuro on 7/18. been to several specialists- 1st diagn was MS?... (3 replies)
... By the way, MRI showed no sign of brain plaque. ... (5 replies)
... locked in the house with the air blasting. Just did a BUNCh of housework and the arms feel numb and I'm fatigued. Is the medication you are taking for MS per say? ... (3 replies)

... hi im new to ms there a set of vitamins that is recomended do seach on web stay out of heat-cool showers/from i have read drs dont want to give dxd of ms to sure/mentally is the hardest part-time moves very slow/stay cool-try to sleep these seem to help/ask dr for help w/sleep. stress makes it worse/i no i am very stressed/just started avonex 2nd dose mon/ peace/stay in... (3 replies)
... If I had MS would they be plain old "lesions"? ... (5 replies)
... My MRI is showing plaque on mid thoracic spine but no where else. My doctor called me two days ago and said my Brain and cervical MRI's were normal. I asked about my thoracic and lumbar spine and he said the reports were not sent yet to his office. ... (3 replies)
... yes,I have lesions in the spine thoracic and lumbar,I guess MS does not disriminate against the central nervous symptom.Even though the MRI of the brain showed no lesions,they could be very small. ... (3 replies)
... up MRI's as well. They appear to be waxing and waning, however the inital big blochy foggy areas had gone away. They have done all the tests for MS that you can think of, Brain Biopsy, 2 Lumbar punctures, EEG's, etc. Everything has come up negative for plaques. ... (0 replies)
... ups. He ordered MRI with and without contrast of the brain orbit, the evoked response, and both came back "negative". Only after telling my neuro about my constant diarrhea, did he order the B12 blood test. ... (19 replies)
... I too only had spinal lesions when I was first dx'd. Brain caught up later. I see a lot of neuro's only order the brain MRI and not the spinal, when they need to be ordering both because there are obviously exceptions to their rules... ... (3 replies)
... Neurologist looked over my MRI and I had no white plaque or a single lesion. She said my brain looked beautiful. 2 Drs. Diagnosed me with dystonia as well as well as the other nureologist in her practice. One being a MS specialist. ... (19 replies)
... k, and I saw flashing lights, my memory got progressively worse, and my speech was slurred. I eventually went to see a neuro, who gave me an MRI and they found plaque on my brain. I have also been diagnosed with sleep apnea, I was given a breating machine for my sleep, which has helped me improve slightly. ... (10 replies)
... originally they were treating me for MS then ruled that oput and said it was migraines. ... (2 replies)
... Hi, I'll try to explain some of what I know as best I can.A lesion is a scar on myelin sheath covering your nerves.In ms, your body's immune system "turns" on itself and attacks the coverings on these nerves in nervous system.Kind of like a worn electrical wire. What your saying sounds like your mri has showed evidence of these scars on spinal cord, but none in brain.Also... (2 replies)
... not put me on steroids. He didn't mention that the reason that I was seeing a neurologist was to rule out MS. Google told me that. If you type "optic neuritis," MS instantly follows. ... (3 replies)
... comes back clear. Ugh! Im frustrated now of course. One day I decided to look up Gabapentin to see what it is used for and MS is one of the first things that pop up. My mom was diagnosed with MS about 5 years ago. ... (5 replies)
... Regarding the search for a good Doctor, I will say this: There is no delineation of too much and not enough research. Many on these boards appear to have become very well informed, and I'm sure that what they mean to tell you is that at some point you should learn to bridle your suspicions, or concerns of those "in the system" that say they have your best interests at... (8 replies)
Tests to diagnose?
Jun 12, 2006
... Make sure when you see a neuro he orders both the spine and the brain MRI, some doctors just order up the brain, because that's the most common place for people to have plaques initially. I was an exception though... ... (13 replies)
Dec 30, 2005
... st yet. I go the 8th of January or maybe the 9th. Anyway, this is all my primary care doctor's doings. He called me two days ago and said that my cervical and brain MRI are all good. Then yesterday his office calls and said that Dr. Tambrini wants me to make an appt for Monday so he can go over the thoracic MRI with me. ... (1 replies)
... ry them , I've been through so much , but I want to tell you something of my experience , maybe something I say might help jog your memory , to do with MS ? ... (11 replies)

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