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... so are you seeing white spots on your MRI, or did your doctor use that term? ... (4 replies)
... Here is my concern for the MS board. My last visit to the Neuro he mentioned to me that I should not be startled or concerned but there were white spots on my brain. He said this was common and will not cause me problems. A friend that does brain injury rehab told me white spots were often an indication of MS. ... (0 replies)
... Well, the nurse called me today, and the MRI revealed 8 white spots on my brain. ... (18 replies)

... Hi there and welcome to healthboards. White spots on the MRI, or lesions- as they are called, are scars from attacks on the Myelin Sheath, or protective coating on the nerves. MS is a disorder of the central nervous system, the brain, spine and eyes. Its also an autoimmune disorder. When the body attacks itself, it can do permanent damage or partial damage to the nerves-... (5 replies)
... and not had any white spots on their brain etc? ... (8 replies)
... My doctor sent me for a MRI of the brain, which stated the while I did not have a brain tumor, some white spots did show up on the brain and they couldnt completley rule out MS. I am now waiting, but am worried sick as I have 3 small children. Do you think it is MS? ... (4 replies)
... e thought it was related to ms. He said its a serious diagnosis and he would consult with others. I see him next week. Could any one tell me more about black and white spots and are they mostly related to ms. I feel this is where the doctor is heading. ... (2 replies)
... I have at least 5 unknown white spots. ... (18 replies)
... Ok, this is only for the impatient ones! Go request your written report, it will more than likely spell it out on there. It should say where in your brain the white spots are and if it appears to be caused by demylination. ... (9 replies)
... hi, doctors say white spots may be from migtraine headaches (18 replies)
... There are thousands of combinations of what a brain MRI should look like. ... (5 replies)
Brain MRI
Jan 15, 2012
... First of all, whoever you told that you have white dots on your MRI should be fired and you should run far and fast away from this person. ... (6 replies)
Brain MRI
Jan 15, 2012
... Ok, Now, I had a Brain MRI due to severe Migraines. Also tingling in back of head. It was done just as a preventative by the Nuero doc. ... (6 replies)
Brain MRI - report
Aug 16, 2007
... is WHITE MATTER? ... (23 replies)
... Brain lesions can be caused by several things that I know of. Brain truama or small strokes caused by natural causes or drug useage. ... (18 replies)
... As for the white spots, they are generally known as "lesions" and indicate MS. They can be found on the brain or spine. ... (1 replies)
... I am just curious about this because I feel so LOST. My primary doctor told me that my brain MRI revealed more than eight small round white spots that could be MS. So I went to a neurologist who said it doesn't look like MS. But the blood tests he did for lyme, etc. were negative. Now I'm left hanging. ... (7 replies)
... Afriend of mine went for a routine MRI to check for aneurism as her mother had had that problem at about her age. (47yrs) No aneurism but they id see "white fascial (sp?) spots on her brain. The doc mentioned this could be the harbinger of MS. She is distraught and can't see the neurologist for a month. Can anybody cast any light on the subject?....Tagger (5 replies)
... but lymes disease i know is a def. to showing spots on the brain.......... i dont know if there is anything else......which with our luck maybe someone else will respond........ ... (18 replies)
... Emabby, Congratulations on making it through the MRI! Now, you know what to expect, future ones will be no big deal... The news is actually good news. As Jayhawk told you, MS lesions are very specific in shape and size- so if the radiologist doesnt think they are clinically significant, that doesnt RULE OUT MS, but it doesnt confirm it either....with some patients, like... (6 replies)

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