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... you know if you had contrast injected into you when you did your MRI or just a no contrast MRI or MRA? (44 replies)
... After about a year of some odd goings on with my body after 37 years of being a healthy person, I was just diagnosed with MS on Monday. It has been a long road and while I am relieved to finally have a diagnosis, I am terrified of what the future holds. ... (44 replies)
... more than MS itself. ... (22 replies)

... Most days I am in pain, usually my legs, sometimes my hands and sometimes all over. It hurts to get out of bed in the morning. ... (5 replies)
... You said something I want to comment on. "Apparently there are a number of lesions on my husband's brain stem, and the neurologist was very surprised he doesn't have major symptoms because of them. ... (6 replies)
... me of you might know from reading my other threads, I was temporarily diagnosed Thursday with probable MS. Severe dizziness, right leg jerking, urinary frequency and urgency, fatigue, arm and leg muscle weakness, confusion, difficulty spitting words out, and very annoying "Brain zaps"! This morning, I was feeling great! ... (5 replies)
Brain Zaps
Oct 11, 2007
... My MS specialist stated it can be a form of myoclonus.It can be sound induced or induced just by closing of the eyes. ... (16 replies)
Brain Zaps
Oct 10, 2007
... I locate points near my area of pain and apply pressure firmly and hold the point of pressure. I will slowly wiggle my pressure point in a small, tight circle but maintaining the same pressure. ... (16 replies)
... months I've developed symptoms that have started to take a toll on my every day life and I suggested to a neurologist that I suspected that I may have MS. ... (2 replies)
... I am a 47yr old female with so many seemingly unrelated symptoms. Firstly I am very healthy, not overweight, normally happy disposition, and run a very busy home. Then I developed 3 different types and stages of symptoms which began with the following isolated incident. ... (2 replies)
... I thought I would post my story and see if anyone here could be of help with suggestions for the next course of action. I have another neuro appt in a few weeks. ... (9 replies)
... it helps with memory and combats brain zaps! ... (9 replies)
... An MRI of the brain and spine would be one way to possibly tell the difference. Have you mentioned all of these new symptoms to your doctor? ... (1 replies)
... Anyway, your advice was spot on, as my last post suggests, and it looks as if this is resolving. Whew. Next time I'll research the simple thing first. Just think, I got the term "brain zaps" out of the experience. ... (9 replies)
... I am 28 years old. I have had bad symptoms of MS for the past few years and was diagnosed last february. ... (17 replies)
... originally they were treating me for MS then ruled that oput and said it was migraines. ... (2 replies)
... rupt withdrawal from SSRIs can cause "paresthesia," part of "SSRI discontinuation syndrome," a.k.a. "brain zaps," or the sensation of electric shocks in the head and neck. This is awfully close to what I was experiencing, and the timing is right. Also, since taking a pill this afternoon, my symptoms have gradually subsided. ... (9 replies)
... vng testing as well as bilateral vestibular dysfunction. I don't think the nystagmus found is normally related to MS. I will have to pull my test results out and look at them again. This new weird eye symptom just happened once a couple of days ago. It followed one of my weird brain zaps. ... (10 replies)
... Most people are aware of paraesthesia when they trap nerves in their limbs by sitting badly. The resulting numbness and pins and needles resolve soon after the nerve is released. However, a number of peripheral and central nervous system conditions can cause chronic paraesthesia. ... (8 replies)
... e MRI. In 2002 my MRI included the thoracic spine where active lesions were found. I go through severe pain in my lower back which radiates through my left hip and into my thigh. My only relief has been the heating pad. ... (9 replies)

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