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... Anyway, in doing research on the web, I've found MS lesions referred to as "MS plaques". They seem to be interchangeable terms. A neurologist is the best next step. ... (5 replies)
Apr 6, 2012
... When I applied for my disability, the SSA required a positive VEP as evidence of MS. I think that ideas and technology change perceptions. Many neuros become too dependent upon technology and less reliant upon their own ears, eyes, and brains. I remember in 1982 my neuro told me later that he knew I had MS from the first appointment. That appointment was a short one with a... (13 replies)
... pert in diagnosis or even the billing. In the brain, contrast does not help distinguish MS lesions. Usually it is pretty obvious. It is suppose to tell if the lesions are active MS or not. ... (4 replies)

... leg I had an MRI and lesions were present. But I've been doing alot of research, as I'm sure you have, and found that brain lesions in my case may have come from 2 other sources. ... (16 replies)
... Interferons modify the immune system so that it stops attacking your own cells. They work to delay the progression of disability in MS by helping to prevent NEW lesions and to make relapses fewer and farther between. They do not prevent lesions, they do not prevent 'black holes'. ... (38 replies)
... Shalhila, Thank you for thinking of me, but when it comes to Multiple Sclerosis, my numbness isnt fixable, unless they come up with a way to regenerate nerves. Where most people have 3-10 lesions on their brains/ spine, I have over 100. I have what is known as black holes- which means that so many lesions (so much damage) clumped together into such a small space, that my... (20 replies)
... who doesnt have anything to do with lesions or MS just so you know. ... (6 replies)
... Ok, this is why I was confused. Because I was thinking that if the left frontal lobe was indeed ON the left side of my body that it would actually control the right side of my body. Therefore, it did not make logical sense that my left sided weakness would be a direct result of a lesion on my left frontal lobe. Ha ha, can I confuse everyone any further? I think it will... (7 replies)
... These are all variables which are difficult to answer. There is so much about our brains which remain unknown. ... (7 replies)
... of MSers, have lesions in their brains ONLY...and therefore, not having scanned your brain and brainstem, there could be something there to see, which you are unaware of at this time. ... (30 replies)
Aug 23, 2012
... hours. PPMS is a whole different story, but since you have no definite spinal lesions or brain lesions at this point I am not even going to talk about it. ... (12 replies)
... Hi, I don't have much info for you, but some suggestions for your appointment tomorrow. Perhaps one of the other board members can give you more info on MS. I do know that it is difficult to diagnose, and the neurologist has to follow the modified MacDonald criteria. In other words, you have to meet certain criteria to be diagnosed as having MS. There are HUNDREDS of... (6 replies)
... gs are guaranteed miracles. That's why the carefully chosen phrase used is to "slow progression" and not "stop progression". I've seen people who've gotten new lesions but still feel their DMD is working because they're getting them a reduced rate than before treatment. ... (38 replies)
... engine and you will come up with a ton of information. The first thing ordered on me was an MRI... problem was the initial MRI was only the brain, and I had no lesions on my brain. They did another MRI a few months later after another attack, and scanned my brain and spine. My spine was caked with huge lesions. ... (9 replies)
... are "elongated and in the perivetricular region" I would consider a neurologist to be grossly negligent if they assumed ALL MS lesions were like that. A GOOD neuro KNOWS there IS NO ROADMAP for MS!!! ... (13 replies)
MRI/Fow Voids?
Mar 18, 2006
... Okay, I got my MRI results in the mail. (just a reminder- I don't have a diagnosis of anything yet. That's what I'm working on here). I don't have any of the films or the details- just the last page. At the bottom it says IMPRESSION: "Normal MRI scan of head." However, above it says that "there are flow voids noted at the base of the brain." Now, I've been trying... (3 replies)
... on. Your messages do not get through due to the scar tissue. When we have lesions and lose our myelin sheaths, the scar tissue that replaces the sheaths is not an efficient insulator. It is like a 300 mph race car suddenly slowing to 30 mph. ... (19 replies)
Jan 4, 2016
... bach543, Thank you, your question is difficult to answer. I would encourage you to see a neuro-psychiatrist. These MD's specialize in the neurological side of psychiatric care. I know that there is one in residence where I visit. They were helpful to my mother in her last years in dealing with the progress of her Parkinson's. They are in a position to work with... (5 replies)
Black Holes on MRI
Oct 26, 2012
... orry you have such difficulty with your MS symptoms and specifically with your memory. I cant tell you if this is black hole related, or simply due to where your lesions are.....I wish I could. ... (3 replies)
... Hi there. I hope by now you have some answers! Please keep us posted. As for the LP- dont bother. A LP is NOT indicative of MS....they check for obands, which may show that there is an autoimmune disease going on- but it will not definatively tell you if its MS or not. I have had 3 LPs- and Ive never had a single problem with any of them, but I was exposed to meningitis... (5 replies)

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