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... I have been on Avonex for 16 months. Two months ago I started getting rashes at injection site. Not a little rash but a big rash. I still have the rashes from 3 weeks ago on my arms. ... (12 replies)
... latex bandages and that seems to have cleared up my issue. Honest, I was scratching so much in my sleep I'd wake up with blood spots on the sheets and scabs developed. SO. ... (3 replies)
... I'm an Avonex cheerleader! It is so different for everyone. I'm one of the very lucky few. ... (12 replies)

... I'm in my third month of Avonex shots and although the side effects are getting much better the last couple of shots left small bruises on my thighs, smaller than the eraser on a pencil. ... (2 replies)
... Yesterday was my one month of being in the study program. I have had no adverse reactions at all. The only thing for me are the lumps and couple of bruises on my thighs and back of my arms. When I use the auto injector the site stings for a little while so I really look forward to the avonex. ... (3 replies)
Avonex effect
Aug 2, 2006
... I have been on Avonex for almost a year now and I noticed that my injection site has been bruising (about the last 4 shots) and I never had that before. Also I have "mystery" bruises all over my body - but I am not sure if that has anything to do with the medicine or not. I think I may just bruise easily. Never thought of a connection - but I am going to ask my neuro. Must be... (6 replies)
Avonex effect
Aug 2, 2006
... Anyone on Avonex, Rebif and developed bruising? ... (6 replies)
Avonex or Rebif??
Jul 18, 2011
... on my own. I was on the Avonex for about a year and a half. ... (14 replies)
Aug 7, 2008
... GG, which drug are you on again? ... (16 replies)
... I've been on both of these drugs. I'm currently on Rebif. ... (14 replies)
Please help
May 6, 2008
... I am in a study so I don't know if I am on copaxone, avonex or the combination of both. I do know that I sometimes feel feverish but don't have a fever at all. ... (3 replies)
... Now I can work on reducing the bruises Rebif left ALL OVER MY PERSON!! Maybe I can wear a swimsuit again before the end of summer? ... (6 replies)
Daytime shots
Dec 20, 2008
... when you massage the spot after the injection if you massage it with arnica, no spots. Promise. Its also great on bruises and bumps you get from being "clumsy" and bumping into things! ... (11 replies)
MS and bruising?
Apr 26, 2008
... My daughter has MS and has had little bruises up and down her arms for the past few weeks. Her appointment with neuro is next week. I was just worried about it. Is this a side effect of any medication? ... (5 replies)
... I had site reactions with Copaxone and had to stop it after only 5 weeks. Months later, the lumps and bruises are still there. A friend with MS also had to stop Copaxone for the same reasons except on her skin, they became like divets. ... (21 replies)
... I also hate walking around the office, it's like walking and having nowhere to go. I will still have three years to know any outcome on the tests but at least your halfway there. Are they going to let you know what meds you were taking when your done or are you going to have to wait? ... (20 replies)
... effects on all those trips! ... (12 replies)
MS Drugs
Sep 11, 2008
... no one talked to me about any of the CRABs. I was handed an Avonex kit and sent home to await the training. It was fine with me. ... (7 replies)
... I tried Copaxone because I could get on the company's program to help get it cheaply. That was not successful for me, so I went off meds again until I got on Medicare. Then I got on Rebif. It has now been almost exactly 4 years. ... (4 replies)
... using it daily on injection marks has kept me free from redness and those bullseye type bruises that often accompany sub cutaneous shots... ... (13 replies)

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