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Burning sensation
Apr 20, 2005
... for now that was 5 yrs. ago. lost my health insurance and finally symptoms went away. In the last 6 months things have started returning, numbness, tingling in a arms and legs, sharp pain in left eye, mainly left side. ... (2 replies)
Possible MS???
Sep 12, 2012
... Do you know where your lesions are in your brain (location)? In the IMPRESSION portion of the MRI report, did it say that the lesions were consistent with demyelination or multiple sclerosis? MS lesions have a specific look and specific locations they like to settle in. Numbness in MS tends to last in an exacerbation >24 hours, in fact it has to last >24-48 hours to be... (14 replies)
Possible MS???
Sep 12, 2012
... So many MS Symptoms, burning legs arms, tingling, crawling sensation, when I lay down I cannot have anything on my legs it hurts too much. Blurry vision, tired, not sleeping. UGGGHHHHHH!!! 3 years now have been to family DOC and NEURO, Neuro said I have Fibro.... it isnt that... ... (14 replies)

... Amanda, I get the stabbing pains in my legs, arms and many other places as well. I understand that it is very hard to explain how something truly feels. ... (7 replies)
... months my arms have been burning so bad that I cannot hold the steering wheel at the end of the day. ... (6 replies)
... Feels like I'm being bit by little bugs or stings. Mostly on legs and torso. ... (6 replies)
... For the past several years I have been experiencing so many different symptoms and no one has been able to give me a diagnosis. I get these horrible sharp pains in the back of my head and in my temple, they only last for a few seconds. My muscles twitch all the time. My legs, arms, stomach, face, eye, You name it, it twitches. I get muscle cramps occasionally. Tingling,... (4 replies)
... n Wednesday. So even though I am not diagnosed I still am very curious about this symptom I have had for years. For the last decade or so I go through periods of burning in my upper arms and part of my back. When I think back they would last weeks then go away. ... (8 replies)
... I was originally diagnosed with MS in 2001 after having some loss of feeling in my legs and feet. That went away after about a month, and I was good for a few years with really no symptoms. ... (1 replies)
... About 5 days ago I began experiencing burning sensations in my lower legs. It has now spread to just above my knee, and my upper forearms and just above the elbow. I'm not sure what could be causing this. ... (1 replies)
... can go up to 7 hours or so before the urgency kicks in. I have periods of pins and needles but manily when I get hot. Muscle twitching seems to be vibrations in legs and feet on occasions. ... (16 replies)
... Lots of strange sensations in legs, arms torso such as tingling, pins needles, achy, burning and vibration sensations. ... (5 replies)
... gone. When I was attacking my pain, I used a heating pad. When the core temperature is raised, the nerve messages are interrupted. The down side was that my legs were left wonky. However, the pain melted away and I could feel "normal". ... (3 replies)
... I have heard from others that the deeper you go the less the sting ! I have sometimes had that happen. I usually go at a 6 on my arms and legs instead of so shallow like before. ... (7 replies)
Burning Limbs!!
Aug 27, 2007
... I've had the tingling sensations for years which were bareble and not painful but these new burning sensations I'm having are constant and quite painful in my arms and legs!! It feels like bee stings. I'm also feeling cool spots like I've rubbed icey hot on the back of my neck and back. ... (2 replies)
Burning sensation
Apr 20, 2005
... I have the same burning feeling. Mine is in my thighs, and in the palms of my hand...when I get it in my hands it makes me want to itch it until it is raw. ... (2 replies)
... very weird and painful and confusing sensations, all over my face, neck, legs, arms, hands, legs .. Why my symptoms are getting worse? ... (17 replies)
... I am in real bad pain and feel real weak due to it. My legs are sore, achy, burning and spasming real bad. ... (5 replies)
Ms symptoms
Sep 28, 2013
... Hello I'm 16 in a few weeks and have been experiencing a. Lot of ms symptoms: Tinging in legs/arms Stabbing pains in face/all over Eye strain/pain Fatigue Vertigo Feeling as though my tongue is restricting my speech Off balance Feelings of numbness but not actually going numb (4 replies)

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