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Burning with ms
May 4, 2011
... Hi Karen, I hope you come back to see this message. I have the exact same thing. I just got told today that I have MS. I was also told that this is very common with more advanced MS. I am not sure, I do not know much about it. I am going to meet again with my Specialist to find out which med's are the best for me. If you get back to me - we could compare notes. It is up to... (13 replies)
Possible MS???
Sep 12, 2012
... Do you know where your lesions are in your brain (location)? In the IMPRESSION portion of the MRI report, did it say that the lesions were consistent with demyelination or multiple sclerosis? MS lesions have a specific look and specific locations they like to settle in. Numbness in MS tends to last in an exacerbation >24 hours, in fact it has to last >24-48 hours to be... (14 replies)
Possible MS???
Sep 12, 2012
... So many MS Symptoms, burning legs arms, tingling, crawling sensation, when I lay down I cannot have anything on my legs it hurts too much. Blurry vision, tired, not sleeping. UGGGHHHHHH!!! 3 years now have been to family DOC and NEURO, Neuro said I have Fibro.... it isnt that... ... (14 replies)

Burning with ms
Jun 19, 2003
... I was dx'd with ms 6 years ago. I have had severe burning in my feet. It has progressed and traveled up my legs. It feels as if my feet and legs are in a pot of boiling water. ... (13 replies)
... someone replied that it could be a sign of something I think she called central pain syndrome. I don't know if this could explain your aunt's burning legs or not, but it might be something for her to ask her provider about. ... (9 replies)
... A year and half ago I went from being pretty healthy to all my joints in my body aching, extreme fatigue in the muscles of my legs and burning sensations in my hands..crawling chill sensations in legs and trunk area. ... (5 replies)
... ok Im concerned that i have ms and need some input .. ... (11 replies)
... ok Im concerned that i have ms and need some input .. ... (4 replies)
... pain in my head and in my legs and pins and needles in my feet. They did a cat scan of my brain which was negative as was the blood tests they normally do. ... (4 replies)
... id and hot and some of the symptoms got worse for example I was very active and in shape but for some reason no matter how much I would slow down the pain in my legs got worse and worse, I wrote it off but thought maybe I was just over doing it. ... (11 replies)
... The tablets the GP gave me did nothing at all, then one day I felt the headaches come Horrible stabbing burning headaches down both sides of my head and nurofen did absolutly nothing to help. ... (17 replies)
... Just for an update I did get back from the EMG of my legs and the results came back normal. ... (33 replies)
... I decided to do a separate thread from previous one to see if anyone has this same issue. I was told I have possible MS and am seeing a MS specialist on Wednesday. So even though I am not diagnosed I still am very curious about this symptom I have had for years. ... (8 replies)
... I have usual anxiety symptoms for almost a year. However, I just started feeling some strange burning sensation in my feet especially toes and in legs and arms. It is kind of that my feet were frozen and they are burning now and tingling. Sometimes they are very cold. ... (5 replies)
... I am new to this board and hoping someone here can give me some assistance on handling a MS issue I have had for about 4 years now. ... (1 replies)
... ctober I was cooking dinner for my children and I couldn't even stand. They had to help me to the couch. I had severe shock like pain going through my body and burning sensations on my back. I literally couldn't walk or stand for over a month. I went on FMLA. I was dx. ... (6 replies)
Possible MS?
Oct 13, 2013
... Not normal for me. I woke up and my feet where in pain and numb, tingling and burning and weakness in legs, like sea legs feeling. Over the next few days the symptoms remained. ... (33 replies)
... There are over 400 known MS mimicries. An MS diagnosis cannot be reached through a single test. It is a process of eliminating everything possible. ... (6 replies)
... lily, my heart goes to you as i understand how difficult your situation is. i m myself going through this. reading experiences of others, unfortunately, Lupus , MS, SS , Fibro , Thyroid disorders can all have similar symptoms. beside the neurologist, i think you also need seeing a rheumatologist to further investigate for SS or Lupus. (6 replies)
... tingling in my legs and right, ahem, vulva, that would come and go. At times my legs would get so week that if I didn't sit down immediately I would fall to the ground, i usually felt a bit hazy at these times. ... (10 replies)

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