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... n Wednesday. So even though I am not diagnosed I still am very curious about this symptom I have had for years. For the last decade or so I go through periods of burning in my upper arms and part of my back. When I think back they would last weeks then go away. ... (8 replies)
... Since I remember I have this burning pain in the left site of my body. This include left leg, lower abdomen, left upper back, left arm, left neck, and a WHOLE face this include my tongue also. ... (7 replies)

Burning sensation
Apr 20, 2005
... In the last 6 months things have started returning, numbness, tingling in a arms and legs, sharp pain in left eye, mainly left side. but my biggest complain is burning of the skin it feels like someone is brushing hot pepper on my skin, my face small strips, legs, arms, stomach. ... (2 replies)
... I was originally diagnosed with MS in 2001 after having some loss of feeling in my legs and feet. That went away after about a month, and I was good for a few years with really no symptoms. ... (1 replies)
Burning with ms
May 4, 2011
... Hi Karen, I hope you come back to see this message. I have the exact same thing. I just got told today that I have MS. I was also told that this is very common with more advanced MS. I am not sure, I do not know much about it. I am going to meet again with my Specialist to find out which med's are the best for me. If you get back to me - we could compare notes. It is up to... (13 replies)
Burning with ms
Jun 19, 2003
... I was dx'd with ms 6 years ago. I have had severe burning in my feet. It has progressed and traveled up my legs. It feels as if my feet and legs are in a pot of boiling water. ... (13 replies)
... About 5 days ago I began experiencing burning sensations in my lower legs. It has now spread to just above my knee, and my upper forearms and just above the elbow. I'm not sure what could be causing this. ... (1 replies)
... Do a lot of you diagnosed have this burning feet? ... (1 replies)
Burning feet
Apr 28, 2007
... I am going back to the neuro in May. I have not been diagnosed with MS but have had troubles over the years, Now I have burning feet not every day but a couple of times or more a week. I am wondering if any one else has this problem. ... (0 replies)
Burning feet
Jul 20, 2006
... Keeping me awake. I do take neurotin for restless legs but doesn't seem to be helping the burning feet. ... (5 replies)
Possible MS???
Sep 12, 2012
... Do you know where your lesions are in your brain (location)? In the IMPRESSION portion of the MRI report, did it say that the lesions were consistent with demyelination or multiple sclerosis? MS lesions have a specific look and specific locations they like to settle in. Numbness in MS tends to last in an exacerbation >24 hours, in fact it has to last >24-48 hours to be... (14 replies)
Possible MS???
Sep 12, 2012
... So many MS Symptoms, burning legs arms, tingling, crawling sensation, when I lay down I cannot have anything on my legs it hurts too much. Blurry vision, tired, not sleeping. UGGGHHHHHH!!! 3 years now have been to family DOC and NEURO, Neuro said I have Fibro.... it isnt that... ... (14 replies)
Legs still asleep!
Oct 15, 2006
... Sometimes my legs want to go in one direction while I want to go in the other. ... (5 replies)
Burning feet
Jul 20, 2006
... I have hot spots on my legs and feet. It is very wierd. It also feels like an electrical wave from my toes to my hips. Not to mention the ache in my legs. ... (5 replies)
... ually so usually I go about three quarters of the needle. If I go too deep the muscles in that area aches the next day. I've learned to be extra careful with the legs since it can cause problems walking if I go to deep in the thighs. I'll try to see how that effects the burning though and let you know. ... (7 replies)
Burning Hands
Oct 1, 2007
... so much pain in my hands down to my fingertips!! It feals like when I was a kid and played in the snow without my mittens then came in to warm up. It is a severe burning and stinging. I keep alternating dipping my hand into a cup of ice water and this is a temporary relief but as soon as they reach room temp, its back again. ... (2 replies)
Burning Limbs!!
Aug 27, 2007
... I've had the tingling sensations for years which were bareble and not painful but these new burning sensations I'm having are constant and quite painful in my arms and legs!! It feels like bee stings. ... (2 replies)
... During this summer I suffered severe burning to the point I could of cut my own legs off.This did subside after a few months.I used towels that were partially frozen to help with the pain.Now it comes and goes. ... (5 replies)
Burning sensation
Apr 21, 2005
... lose your insurance. I think it is so sad the amount people that go without medical care in this country bc lack of insurance. Anyway, I am dxed and I also get burning sensations, lower legs, hands sometimes. . sometimes a little around my middle. . it feel like a mix of really really tight dry skin or like razor burn. . ... (2 replies)

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