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... nd new to this board and any idea of MS. Went to the doctor today. I've had a problem for 13 years now. Just burning, sensitive skin in different areas, arms, legs and buttocks. Uncomfortable, somewhat painful, but manageable. Most of these lasted 2 or 3 days, thereabouts. ... (2 replies)
... NVC test done which came back normal. Now Im getting burning sensations all over and i am freaking out! ... (2 replies)
... on my legs and on my head. Today the dizzyness was awful, I found it difficult to focus as the ground seemed to moving beneath me. ... (6 replies)

... If I'm thinking of something stressful, the tingling sensation gets worse. ... (1 replies)
... Thank you for your reponse. I will see my Neurologist who specializes in MS next month. Fortunately I had started to keep a list of the "weird" things and I have no problem sharing this with you. Here they are... Over the years weird things have happened to my body (since my mid 20’s), but like most people, I just shrugged them off and thought to myself, well that was... (4 replies)
... long here. I have been having unusual symptoms for several weeks now. I've had them before but not near as severe. It's driving me nuts. I have a "vibrating" sensation at night that keeps me awake and it now continues throughout the day. I feel like my feet, legs, arms and hands are constantly vibrating. ... (5 replies)
... I have some on my breasts, arms and legs. ... (2 replies)
... your pain is nerve pain, there are few effective treatments available. My pain settles in my left hip and my current pain has continued since August. For the burning sensation, I stick with the heating pad too because I believe that the relief comes when the nerves get over stimulated by the heat and just "shutdown". ... (11 replies)
... Very peculiar burning sensation on the inside of my thighs and my arms, exact spots always, like a thin line several inches long. Feels like a needle or iv going into the vein. ... (6 replies)
... I had a few falls where I felt like my legs were not there. ... (11 replies)
... OK, I need some education. I called yesterday to neuro & ask for a MRI of neck & spine. The only MRI I've had is to check my pitutary gland. Anyway, the nurse called me today & said he would only order one of my neck. He says that with my leg & arm hurting & other sx it won't be in my spine. It will only be in my neck. He did say if my neck shows something then he will... (6 replies)
... Im 34yrs old.. about 3months ago I started with low back pain that went into my hip, in my thigh with burning sensation then pain would go int my knee went to doc had mri,,said herniated disc.. ... (3 replies)
... I too suffer from the muscle spacity. It is predominently in my legs and back, however, I also have some in my arms. I am taking baclofen and get some relief but nowhere near enough. ... (3 replies)
... i have panic disorder and have been on a million pills and i started developing a burning sensation in my head. i dont know if its from the medication or what. ... (7 replies)
... roblems with heat and on occasion I'd pass out from it. The first time I was in Jr high. However after my daughter was born, I'd notice a lot of pain in my upper arms and legs. I'd be holding her and she would pat me and it hurt! ... (15 replies)
... Amanda, I get the stabbing pains in my legs, arms and many other places as well. I understand that it is very hard to explain how something truly feels. ... (7 replies)
... Burning sensation located in my middle and upper back. ... (4 replies)
... Howdy, This happens to me frequently and then goes for quite sa while. Did you get hyper sensitivity on your skin? feel's like a burn under a numb area? When I get it, it's like wearing a wet t-shirt - is this what your feeling in the chest area? My right hand tingles all the time....................... (4 replies)
... Keep the faith. I have a few "friend" wish MS who are in their 60 and 70's. There progression is different. They have rebounds. They have both found that good nutrition is beneficial to minimize the symptoms. (27 replies)
... ut there is too many other things going along with it and nothing on the spinal mri. I have RLS and overactive bladder, swallowing problems, insomnia, fatigue, burning sensation on my skin, short term memory loss, stuttering, blurred vision, tingling in the hands and feet and of course depression. ... (27 replies)

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